****This is not an official press release by IMMUVIT or WITHOUTLIMITS, but my personal reminder to the participants.***

Here are some reminders for the IMMUVIT FEARLESS CHALLENGE : NO SURRENDER Trail Run on Sunday Aug26


– Everyone is advised to ride the SHUTTLE BUS . Parking is limited so unless you’re arriving earlier than the organizer, believe me, ride the bus.

Coach busess shall pick up participants at Shell Commonwealth Avenue (Across UP-Ayala Techno Hub) and back after the event.
The bus schedule is as follows:

10K participants

Waves                 Gun Start Time             BUS Departure at Shell (for 10k bus leaves every 5am, 5:20am & 6am)

1                              6:00am                                       5:00am
2                              6:10am                                        5:00am
3                              6:20am                                        5:00am
4                              6:30am                                        5:00am
5                              6:40am                                        5:20am
6                              6:45am                                        5:20am
7                             6:50am                                         6:00am
8                              6:55am                                         6:00am
9                              7:00am                                        6:00am

For 5K participants

Waves                 Gun Start Time             BUS Departure at Shell (for 5k bus leaves every 6:30am, 7am & 7:30am)

1                               7:30am                                        6:30am
2                               7:40am                                        6:30am
3                               7:50am                                        6:30am
4                               8:00am                                        7:00am
5                               8:10am                                          7:00am
6                               8:20am                                         7:30am


The race venue is at La Mesa Nature Reserve  and NOT, I repeat, NOT, La Mesa Eco Park



– Bring your whistle and gloves. Whistles are to be used in case of emergency or when you get lost. NO INDISCRIMINATE USE OF WHISTLES, its used for emergencies, so dont be the “boy who cried wolf”.

– There will be climbing and crawling. To further protect yourself from abrasion and aid in going about obstacles, WEAR GLOVES

– For “boyscouts”  who always bring anything and everything extra, medyo over but you may wear eye protection,  knee and elbow guards



– You are not in your normal habitat, its a nature reserve, expect insects. Dont worry, pretty soon you will be crawling with them anyway.



– You will surely get wet and covered in Mud. A shower truck will be provided. “Cowboy” Mode please, this is not going to be no Shangrila so unless you brought and registered your yayey with you, have a down to earth mindset attitude, because you will literally smell like earth after the race. A dressing room tent will also be provided, bring a large beach towel / sarong because there will be no individual cubicles. Aside from your normal workout, do practice changing within the confines of your beach towel / sarong.



– Make sure that you waterproof pack your gadgets, cellphones, cameras and other gadget. It will get wet, dirty and muddy. Read the manual of your gadget, anything written there that is to avoid like direct sunlight, dirt, mud, grime, water, fire.. it will surely be exposed to that.



– This may prove much of a challenge for some but it is advised that you wear your race bib on your chest. Why? After jumping, hiking and crawling on dirt and mud, I doubt if we can still read the race bib after you crawl on your belly and get on all fours.



– This is a nature reserve and we would like the flora and fauna to remain that way. If you have seen avatar, or shake rattle and roll, get the picture. The place is sacred to those living there. Properly dispose cups in trash bins and do not bring home, plants, animals, insects, reptiles, or for bonsai lovers.. tree barks.  DO NOT LITTER!!!!  If you violate any of these, you clearly havent heard of the old folk saying “tabi tabi po”

Huwag mo nang i-uwi at baka kung ano pa mai-uwi mo. ( insert creepy music here)



– For everyone’s safety last sweep of runners will be 11:00am and will strictly be enforced. So unless you want to get lost and be permanently be part of the nature reserve do comply.



– Watch some testoterone filled movie the day before, anything warrior driven, visions of sparta, millitary training, predator, shake rattle and roll, whatever floats your boat. Walang basagan ng trip. This is going to be a trail run, a trail run is challenging as it is as the terrain varies. Expect uphills and downhills. Plants, shrubs, etc. To up the ante, you will be faced with obstacles as well. Lets just say all the elements found in Avatar the Last Air Bender will be present in the race, figuratively or somewhat literally. Its a surprise.

– Mud. Expect  100 hues of mud gray and brown to be predominant in the race.


Bring your own sunshine! Rain or shine, let your smile light up the event!

See you all there

~~~ Running Host Boy Ramos





ONE FC Officially Releases Full Fight card for ONE FC: Pride of a Nation Aug 31 Araneta QC


Photo courtesy of OneFC Championship Face book page

MMA fans are getting excited to see and support the Philippines’ very own URCC Champion Eduard Folayang in action as Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC) has officially confirmed its much anticipated fight card for ONE FC: PRIDE OF A NATION which will take place on 31 August at the historic SMART ARANETA Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines.

ONE FC, in partnership with Universal Reality Combat Championship™ (URCC), has put up an impressive line-up of matches. The card features DREAM Champions Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki and Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes. Aoki is the most deadly submission grappler in MMA and Fernandes is ranked amongst the best bantamweight fighters in the world. Both are well-known as astounding athletes with a huge fan base amongst Asian and international fans alike. Aoki’s opponent is due to be announced shortly while Fernandes will take on Cage Fighting Championship (CFC) Australia Bantamweight Champion Gustavo Falciroli.

In addition, two former UFC Heavyweight Champions will meet for the fourth time in a grudge match that has escalated over the years. Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia will clash in Manila after a series of fights that saw Sylvia lose the first bout, and subsequently win back-to-back fights against the tough Belarusian. Sylvia is currently in the midst of a three-fight winning streak and has won seven of his last eight bouts.

If you have been a fan of MMA, specially during its early years when the octagon was having matches featuring warriors representing different martial art forms. It was the Gracie family that proved most consistent in the ring. For the first time, the legendary Gracie family will be represented thrice in one fight card. Rolles Gracie takes on Tony Bonello, Igor Gracie will battle Korea’s Jung Hwan Cha and Gregor Gracie will look to get back to his winning ways when he goes toe-to-toe with Nicholas Mann. In Manila, the three members of the “Royal Family of MMA” will be fighting to honor the legacy of the Gracie family name.

The full fight card can be viewed and downloaded at

MMA fans from around the world can witness the action of ONE FC: PRIDE OF A NATION online via live streaming at The undercard fights are available for viewing free-of-charge. The main card fights will be available for purchase on Pay-Per-View at just US$9.99.

Tickets for ONE FC: PRIDE OF A NATION are on sale now through TicketNet at or at all TicketNet outlets located at the SM department store customer service area and at the SMART ARANETA Coliseum ticket booth. For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 911 5555. Tickets are priced at Php 4,770 for VIP experience seating that includes exclusive Red Carpet entrance as well as access to the VIP lounge, followed by Php 2,120, Php 1,060, Php 690, Php 530 and Php 215 respectively. All applicable service charges apply.

For more updates, log on to

About ONE Fighting Championship™

Headquartered in Singapore, ONE Fighting Championship™ ( is Asia’s largest mixed martial arts organization. ONE FightingChampionship™ hosts the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions on the largest media broadcast in Asia. ONE Fighting Championship™ has partnered with ESPN STAR Sports, the number one leader in sports content, for an unprecedented 10-year cable television deal with a coverage that spans across 28 countries in Asia.

Pinoy Warriors Ready for War in Legend Fighting Championship 10 (Hong Kong)

Manila, Philippines (August 20, 2012) –  As asia embraces the fastest rising spectator sport, MMA, Wushu specialist Ruel Catalan and grappler Rolando Gabriel Dy of Team Full Contact International (FCI) Philippines are ready to make their debut along with returning Muaythai fighter Leonard Delarmino at the  Legend Fighting Championship 10 on August 24, 2012 at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong.

Catalan will be facing Chinese Sanda champion Ji Xian in 135 lbs. match while Delarmino and Dy will compete in the 145 lbs. against deadly striker Choi Yeong Gwang from South Korea  and BJJ specialist Ev Ting of New Zealand, respectively.

Fighting is in our blood and I personally believe we as a race are gifted with speed, dexterity, strategy, strength and destructive grace that can level an opponent. Let’s hope we get to bag the competition.

Brother Warriors

The younger brother of 4X World Wushu Champion Rene Catalan, Ruelhas won various national Muaythai and Wushu tournaments highlighted by the 2008 World Wushu (Sanshou) Championship where he won the Bronze Medal. With his older brother as his striking coach, he’s been offered to sign up with two established MMA promotions but held out for Legend. “I believe in destiny. I believe I was born to become a Legend champion someday.”

On the other hand, The son of  former WBC Junior Lightweight champion Rolando “The Bad Boy of Dadiangas” Navarette, Gabriel lived a troubled life as a youth and was going the path of his infamous father after he retired from boxing with underground fights and bar brawls as his way of self-expression.  “Then I found Jesus and Martial-Arts.” Not wanting to be associated with his infamous dad, he chose to carry the name of his mother who left his dad and is now based in Spain. With his trademark heavy hands, he trains tirelessly in the gym to improve his ground game.

Leonard was a standout track and field and Tae Kwon Do athlete for his high school before discovering Boxing, ultimately winning the National Amateur Boxing Championship in 2008. He then transitioned to Wushu and Muay Thai before discovering the ultimate form of competitive combat sports: MMA. Although his first two fights in Legend against two very tough Chinese opponents ended up in losses, he gained the support of Legend fans with his never-say-die attitude and ferocious attacking style. His brother Agustin Delarmino, Jr. registered the second fastest KO in Legend history during (42 sec. vs. Taipeh’s Sung Ming Yen) and won KO of the Night bonus for his third round stoppage of Kaiwhare Kara-France of New Zealand in Legend 8. Agustin is set to fight again in Legend 11 on October 6.


Formidable Opponents

In spite of his Sanda background and outstanding stand-up skills, Ji Xian has developed a reputation as one of China’s best grapplers. Making the transition from pure Sanda to MMA in 2009, he soon found a home in elite Chinese MMA promotion Art of War, going undefeated in his first year with them. Since then, he has cut an impressive path through some of the most dangerous Featherweight and Bantamweight MMA fighters in China, winning most of his fights by submission, and even taking a gold medal at the 2011 ADCC Asia Trials.

Choibegan training in MMA when he was still a teenager. He saw his first MMA bout on TV and said that he simply “felt something in his heart” which drove him to sign up at a nearby gym immediately. After dominating his opponents at various inter-club tournaments, he was recruited into Spirit MC’s amateur league, where he compiled a perfect 5-0 record. His second fight against Korean juggernaut Nam Yui Chul is still

considered one of the greatest fights in Korean MMA and was critical in putting the MMA on the map for Korean sports fans.

Ev Ting is a perfect representative of Legend’s unique brand of Asia-Pacific MMA. Originally born in Malaysia, Ting is of Malaysian Chinese ancestry and speaks Mandarin as his first language. When he was seven-years old, his family relocated to New Zealand, where he has been living ever since. And it was on the opposite side of the Asia-Pacific that Ting discovered MMA. Although he had always been interested in combat sports, it was an MMA highlight reel on the internet that first sparked his interest in training, and he quickly found a home at Auckland MMA in 2009. Ting turned pro in 2011 and now seeks to proudly represent his Malay roots, his New Zealand home, and his family, team, and himself in the Legend Ring (



The Legend FC, the premium MMA fight promotions company based in HK, founded by Michael Haskamp and Chris Pollak, is an MMA contest sanctioned by the South China MMA Association and is conducted under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial arts. As in previous editions, the fight card in August 24 will consist of 10 bouts featuring 20 Asia-Pacific MMA athletes. What is unique about Legend is that only native fighters from Asia Pacific are allowed to compete.

FCI supports Legend because it treats our fighters well. Legend also provides a great platform for Filipino MMA fighters to be discovered as its fight is watched by over half a billion people in China and over 300 million viewers around the world. The first five matches are streamed live in YouTube while the next five fights are available in PPV.

 Full Contact International

“We are committed in providing the best holistic training possible for the best Filipino warriors not only to make them the best fighters and entertainers but also as great human beings. They are the new breed of sports heroes who can be positive role models for the youth.” said Ed Dames, Managing Director of Full Contact International.

The FCI Team is supported by DTC Promos, Insider Gym, FTX, Taichi, Submission Sports Philippines, Intercare, Empire Gym, Fitness Gym in Palanan, Makati  and Team USA will depart Manila on Tuesday, August 21 and will return on Saturday, August 25. With your support and prayers,  we hope to bring back something for our people to smile about.

For additional details about FCI and its services, contact:  Ed Dames, Managing Director Mobile No: 0920-9543599 e-Mail:

Good News! Peso Strengthens stabilizes to P42:USD1



I remember when I was a kid, enjoying my comic book with chichiria and soda at hand, I would dream of having those Sea Monkeys that they have on those ads. I would fill up the order form and excitingly cut it out. This would then be handed over to my dad and Id tell him to mail and buy them for me. “Its not that simple” he tells me. “This is mail order and we have to pay in dollars”.  Back then the exchange rate was P8.00 to USD 1.00. Did I just date myself? Do the math and economic history as to when that was.

The edsa revolution came and suddenly we were at P 25.00 to USD 1.00, I was in high school then , still, no Sea Monkeys for me.

Fast forward to 2007 and the dollar rate was just crazy at P 55 to USD 1.00.

I read the article thanks to my Economic Professor friend and International Ambassador Pete Delfin for the link

The article discusses that the Philippine Peso is getting stronger and would level off at P 42 to USD 1. Its a far cry but Im still hoping it creeps back to P8.00 in my lifetime.  Aside from the BSP (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) curbing policy and interest rates for SDA (Special Deposit Account) investments, the recent rise of the peso was also due to the country credit rating upgrade from Standard & Poor’s.

S&P raised the Philippines’ credit rating from two notches to just one notch below investment grade, citing favorable macroeconomic fundamentals.
Now, as of date. .. Still no Sea Monkeys for me. But ordering anything online is such a convenience. But let the good news remain, our Philippine Peso is gaining strength. Mabuhay!



I know you might be curious as to what Sea Monkeys are ..but it was really advertised as Happiness in a Bowl.  Wouldnt you

buy one if you saw these ad?




Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg1 Aug 26 Tough Trail Run

Before I even begin to describe what this race is all about.. do allow me to invite you to watch

So there.  Best thing to describe the upcoming race is like hell on heavenly grounds. This is a type of a race which cuts and bruises are like badges of medals. As one of the guys said in the video “its not what you expect in a race that when you finish, you get an isotonic banana!”.. This my friends is something you should EXPERIENCE!!!!

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1)
August 26, 2012
La Mesa Nature Reserve
This is the first Obstacle Trail Run ever organized in the country, conceptualized for Immuvit by its brand ambassador, US-educated Sports Medicine expert and Athletic Training specialist Coach Jim Saret. Inspired by the Spartan and Tough Mudder Races in the States, this event will offer the running community a totally new and fun experience. It will be organized by Without Limits, ProActive and Coach Joseph.
Race registration starts on Saturday Aug 11, 2012 at the following Chris Sports outlets:
SM Manila
Fitness and Athletics at 9th Ave. cor 28 BHS Global City
Glorietta 3
We will have two race distances, which are:
5K – 600 php reg fee
10k – 800 php reg fee
There will be 5 obstacle courses, but we will only mention two at this point (the other three will be a surprise)
1. Fire Jump
2. Military Wall
3. Surprise
4. Surprise
5. Surprise
I wonder what the surprise would be? 10 volt wires? hmmmmm exciting! Did you even see Mlitary WALL???? TEAM work please!!!
Have the whole team join in!!!
There will be executive buses to transport race participants from Shell station in front of Ayala Technohub at Philcoa (bus details to be announced soon).
Hand Gloves and whistles are mandatory race requirements. Participants without these equipment will not be allowed to join the race.
But dont worry you’ll look uber cool wearing this
The Race will start by Waves. Participants can choose their respective waves once they register; however, in the event that all slots for a certain wave are already taken, participants will be sent notifications that will indicate which wave they are entered/assigned.
 Survivor Medals and Loot Bags await finishers within their cutoff times, and Cash Prizes for the Men’s and Women’s champions.
ProActive will be providing the hydration for this event, so don’t worry about water. There will also be shower stations after the race, in case you want to tidy up if you get muddy and dirty.
That’s it for now. For inquiries email us at .

Not for the faint at heart. But if you want new challenges and thrills this is for you.



Preparing for Flood (Typhoon survival checklist)

It has been raining non-stop again for the last couple of hours and Im getting paranoid. I live in what is considered a low level area in Metro Manila prone to flooding here in lower Antipolo / Marcos Highway. We were seriously hit by Ondoy last 2009 and was devastated emotionally and financially as well.

Being prepared is always one step towards survival. Here are some things that we think is important to have during times like these. Prepare them beforehand and keep them in a safe place at all times. Better yet, keep them with you, or in an area that is easy to reach and won’t get in the way of raging floods, etc.

Im no outdoors or survival expert, but I did get this checklist somewhere around the net shared to me plus I added some of my own. The list is comprehensive but do adjust according to your needs . Best way is to imagine worst case scenarios and with a clear head, see what is needed.


1. Clean drinking water. Good enough for a week. Consider having at least 1 gallon per person.
2. Other drinks. Consider: juices in packs, carbonated drinks, coffee.
3. Food. Also good enough for a week. Consider:
* Snacks that are easy to store and carry (biscuits, cookies)
* Non-perishable canned food (corned beef, tuna, pork and beans, vienna sausage, etc.)
* Candies to maintain sugar in body and keep acidity at bay
* Bread that will last for a few days, for carbo load
* Instant noodles, if you have the means to cook
* IMPORTANT: food for babies and the elderly if you have some staying with you
4. Food utensils.

*KNIFE~!!!! one of the most important utility. Have one in a holster, if you could teach kids to handle knives early in life the better. Something sharp that can be used not only in eating, food preparation, but utility as well, cutting rope.

* Spoons, forks, paper plates, drinking cups
* Non-electric can opener
* Cooking stove and fuel, if possible
* Plastic bags



*CANDLES (be careful in handling), candle holder / stand
5. Medicines. Consider having medicines for the following:

*alcohol, disinfectant
* Fever and nausea
* Coughs and colds
* Hypertension
* Diabetes
* Diarrhea
* Anti-tetanus
* Anti-leptospirosis
* Other prescription drugs that you need to take
6. First Aid kit. Must contain band-aids, gauze, tweezers, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, bandage scissors, absorbent dressings, antiseptic wipe packets, cold compress, gloves and thermometer.
7. Sanitation kit. Make sure that you have tissue wipes, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers.
8. Toiletries. These include toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap.
9. Blankets, towels, comforters, pillows. You can put them in large garbage bags to keep from getting wet.
10. Extra clothes and underwear. Put them in plastic bags to avoid from getting wet. If you can, pack something that will last you for a few days.
11. Jackets, sweaters, socks, caps. And anything else that will keep you warm and dry.
12. Emergency lights and flashlights
13. Fresh batteries. Have reserves for batteries of different sizes, especially for radios and flashlights.
14. Radio. Must be portable, battery operated, has functional AM station.
15. Mobile phone. Make sure the battery is fully charge, and that you have a spare one, too, in case of emergency. Also consider walkie-talkies.
16. Cash. Banks and ATMs might not be available so make sure that you have cash with you.
17. Keys. Have copies of keys to the front door, back door, garage, car keys, etc.
18. Items for pets. Consider also having a leash, muzzle, cage and food for your pets.
19. Umbrellas and tents
20. Water pails and dippers
21. Floatation devices like life jackets, styrofoams, old tires, etc. If life jackets or floatation devices, better if its styrofoam so you dont need to inflate it. During the last flood there were a lot of floatation devices but NO POWER to inlfate it. If you have these.. Get ready to inflate it.
22. Rope

*** INVERTERS, these are devices that can source power thru your car lighter, can handle small light radio. During last brownout, our inverter was able to power broadband, laptop, wifi, (myt wife had an important report to finish and submit) pump for fish and cellphone charger


Many people have died trying to go back for these things, so it’s important that you are well-prepared already at this point in time. Keep these documents in a water-proof container:

1. Birth certificates
2. Insurance records
3. Medical records
4. SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth records
5. Identification cards
6. Bank account numbers and records
7. Emergency contact numbers
8. Contact numbers of family, friends and loved ones

***** SOFTWARE DATA.. you may want to start burning to dvd / back-up online / back-up to external hardrive important data and store in water proof container.

It is important that you have an ID with you wherever you go. Also, a list of people to contact in case something happens to you. If you can, put your emergency contacts on speed dial.


If you have a 2nd floor, it may be hard work but start bringing up electrical items, specially with those of you who have their Audio Video room in a basement or Living Room downstairs. The refrigerator usually floats, that kinda like saved my life food and floating wise during ondoy hehehe.

Again, couldnt stress it even more, keep important documents, computers, harddrives dry in plastic.

**** keep cellphone charged at all times and inflatables inflated.

============================== this was originally published 6:00pm Aug 6. as of this writing, it is already 6pm Aug 7, the rainfall has been 472mm in 24hours (compared to ondoy’s 455mm in 2hours) ==========================

some additional info important and relevant gathered from the net


NRCE 21st National Retail Conference & Stores Asia Expo Aug 9-10 SMX

At one point in time Im sure we have been retailers of some sort. Be it in the informal or formal sector we have had our fair share in trade. If you are part of the retailing industry make sure you head on to SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on August 9 to 10, 2012 for 21st National Retail Conference & Stores Asia Expo.

As a consumer, businessman and entrepreneur you will surely benefit from attending the STORES ASIA EXPO which is a retail suppliers exhibit.

NRCE, the country’s biggest retail industry event, converges its energies with the government’s well-conceived It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign, as it invites tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez to speak on the campaign’s synergy with retail industry growth and more fun shopping experience. Adding to the prestige of the event is Coca Cola’s President and CEO William Schultz who will be the keynote speaker on the opening day of the conference. Coca Cola, which celebrates its centennial year this year is among the well-loved brands in the Philippines. Coca Cola’s participation in this year’s NRCE is expected to further elevate the “fun” aspect of the conference as the brand celebrates “100 Year of Happiness”.

In the PRA tradition, the NRCE mounts its twin event, the Stores Asia Expo, the country’s premier exhibition of retail suppliers and service providers.

The 2-day conference and exhibit is attended by over 800 retail owners, suppliers, CEOs, and top level executives. Each year, NRCE invites experts from the retail industry and other related sectors to cover relevant aspects of retailing. Chief among the bevy of topics at this year’s NRCE are strategies for driving growth and customer engagement.

You can check out the detailed program here:

Among the topics to be discussed that got my attention was:

For sports enthusiasts like me, Mr. Jimmy Thai  the President of Primer group of companies of which ROX Recreational Outdoor Exchange is part of will be one of the speakers, sharing their success story. Other topics in the conference are;

Global Trends in Marketing and Branding by MR. MICHAEL CARANDANG
Emmy Award-Winning Television Producer
Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model

Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing and Online Commerce for Retail Growth by MODERATOR: Ms. Janette Toral, Mr. Jack Madrid Country Manager Multiply Philippines, Ms. Me-anne BundalianBusiness Development, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager, Ms. Gigi Mabanta Head Buyer Zalora Philippines

The New Turks of Retailing by Ms. Cheryl Lao Lee Managing Partner Anthem/ Penguin, Mr. Karen Ong Retail Division Manager Keds/ Sperry Top-sider, Mr. Chris Tiu Head of Marketing and Business Development Happy Lemon Group Philippines

Elevating Customer Experience Through Store Design by Mr. Terry Waterhouse Director Redgoodss ltd (Hong Kong)

Living the Brand: Employees as Brand Ambassadors by Ms. Frances Yu Vice President for Marketing Rustan Supercenters Inc.

Amid the global buzz surrounding initial public offerings (IPO), this year’s plenary sessions will include the use of an IPO as a tool for retail business growth.

Successfully engaging new generation shoppers will be well-covered in this event as other topics as boosting customer experience using store design and licensing opportunities for retailers are presented by field experts.

Coming on the heels of two successful NRCEs which zeroed in on Asian brands, this year’s gathering moves forward with talks on personalized branding and transforming employees into brand ambassadors.

Participants will also gain more insights on the competitive edge of socially responsible businesses and the retailers’ role in advocating a sustainable lifestyle.

There will be two panel discussions each day at NRCE. On the conference’s first day, the morning panel discussion will delve into digital marketing and online commerce. The afternoon panel discussion, on the other hand, is entitled “Global Brands in Local Shores: How Local Brands Can Compete and Succeed vis-à-vis International Brands.”

The roundtable on the conference’s second day will feature luminaries from retail and property development. Entitled “Retail Entertainment: Creating a New Level of Customer Experience,” the morning panel discussion explores how shopping and leisure are intertwined. The conference’s last panel discussion is set to put participants in a hopeful, forward-thinking mood. Entitled “The New Turks of Retailing,” the last panel will feature the young entrepreneurs behind today’s hottest brands and franchises.

The 21st NRCE is proudly presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise, SM Department Store, Hewlett Packard, Robinsons Malls, Araneta Center, Ayala Malls, Meralco, IBM Philippines, DHL Supply Chain Phils., Inc., Festival Supermall, Wilcon Depot, Celine, The Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, ABS CBN, Schutzen, Mobext, Inc., Crossover 105.1., Entrepreneur, Focalcast, Q Creatives, Cylix Technologies, Mediamagnet, Catalyst Media, Infinite Grafix, Travel Club, APL Logistics, Avolution, Live Media, Starmall and Bayantel.

For more information about the 21st NRCE visit, call PRA at 687-4180/4181 or email or

Vietnamese Pho recipe

Nothing compliments cool rainy weather better than hot soup. I just remembered my post a year back in Facebook of a recipe I did after watching Master Chef Kids Edition. If its easy enough for kids its easy enough for everyone!  I prefer my soup boiling hot. In some cases I like mine thick and rich where Hot and Sour soup just makes my day. In times Id just want it light to complement other dishes, the Vietnamese Pho is great to serve, specially for family and friends. What strikes this dish is the fresh, citrusy aroma it should have as you put up the bowl close to you.

The beauty of the Vietnamese Pho is you can put in your desired protein ingredient, hard boiled egg, tofu, chicken, kani, fishballs, shrimp, fish fillet, twice cooked roast pork slices, and spices such roasted garlic and carmelized onion shavings, chili peppers etc. to suit your taste.

You can adjust how spicy you would want it as well and keep it easy on the chilli and sriracha, but then again, whats the use in riding the roller coaster with your eyes closed.

There are two ways of doing this, one is the fast food way, by prepping the chicken stock with cubes or getting whats available at the grocery (imported sections sell chicken stock)


1kg chicken wing,

1 cup fresh corriander leaves

1 1/2 fresh cup basil leaves 2 lemons

2 cups bean sprouts

100gm rice-stick (pad Thai) clear noodles

3 tablespoon olive oil

2  knorr cubes (dissolve and mix  in 1 cup coldwater)

3 piso coin siezed slices ginger,

3 onions,

3 stems celery,

2 cups pre-boiled cabbage (baguio petchay)

ripe tomatoes,

1 tablespoon cinammon,

1 teaspon equvalent or 2pcs star anise,

2  tablespoon thai fish sauce or amount to taste,

2 tablespoon soy sauce, or amount to taste

season salt and pepper to taste

rock salt in cleaning chicken

1 clove minced garlic for toppings (cook in olive oil till BROWN, not burned, remove) ,

finely chopped chilli siling labuyo, rinsed and seeds removed

Additional ingredients

1 cup deveined sauteed shrimp
1cup semi firm tofu tokwa

1 cup kani (artificial crab)

Sriracha Chilli sauce

Hoisin sauce



1) Clean chicken wings thoroughly remove membranes, flush with running water, rinse repeat then rub slightly with rock salt, rinse

2) Heat stockpot (cookingpan of choice used to cook broth / pressure cooker) medium heat, place in olive oil, garlic, large quad cuts of onions. Place in chicken wings and sautee slightly turning them often no longer than 5 minutes

3) Put in 2 liters of purified water. Place in celery stems and star anise. Bring to a boil. After 10 mins of boiling, remove impurities floating. Continue to boil and add in cinammon, soy sauce, thai fish sauce, additional knorr cubes to taste, squeeze in 2 lemons. Mix. Trow in the half lemon peeling (this is my personal preference it gives more citrusy  flavor with a bitter twist of the lemon peel). Add 1 small siling labuyo chilli seeds removed.

4) When broth is done, you may separate the chicken wings, fillet and get chicken meat (no skin ) and set aside (throw back in the chicken bones)

5) prep broth for serving. At this point, your broth will most likely look a tad gross resembling that of  an asian soup place with hanging ducks, gross but delicious. With all those grime and impurities floating. But remember in some cultures those grime and impurities are delicacies. remove chicken bones,  siling labuyo (go find it . now na) star anise, whole lemon peel, ginger and celery stem from the broth.If you;re really maarte, and going for quality to impress you may opt to strain the broth even further with straining cloth. Arte ha.


1) Cleaning, who really wants powdered impurities. Place white pad thai noodles in cold water, agitate, drain.

2) Pour in boiling water, cover with a plate for 3 to 5 minutes. drain water when cooked


1) Dito na lalabas kaartehan mo pa. Serve the following per serving bowl

2) Pad thai noodles, beansprouts topped with kani, chicken meat, tofu, deveined sauteed shrimp,

3) Top further with minced browned garlic chips, sliced chili labuyo, lemon wedges, basil leaves, coriander, cabbage (baguio petchay) cut ripe tomatoes

Offer to season it with1 tablesppon of SRIRACHA Chilli sauce and 1 teaspon Hoisin sauce