Preparing for Flood (Typhoon survival checklist)

It has been raining non-stop again for the last couple of hours and Im getting paranoid. I live in what is considered a low level area in Metro Manila prone to flooding here in lower Antipolo / Marcos Highway. We were seriously hit by Ondoy last 2009 and was devastated emotionally and financially as well.

Being prepared is always one step towards survival. Here are some things that we think is important to have during times like these. Prepare them beforehand and keep them in a safe place at all times. Better yet, keep them with you, or in an area that is easy to reach and won’t get in the way of raging floods, etc.

Im no outdoors or survival expert, but I did get this checklist somewhere around the net shared to me plus I added some of my own. The list is comprehensive but do adjust according to your needs . Best way is to imagine worst case scenarios and with a clear head, see what is needed.


1. Clean drinking water. Good enough for a week. Consider having at least 1 gallon per person.
2. Other drinks. Consider: juices in packs, carbonated drinks, coffee.
3. Food. Also good enough for a week. Consider:
* Snacks that are easy to store and carry (biscuits, cookies)
* Non-perishable canned food (corned beef, tuna, pork and beans, vienna sausage, etc.)
* Candies to maintain sugar in body and keep acidity at bay
* Bread that will last for a few days, for carbo load
* Instant noodles, if you have the means to cook
* IMPORTANT: food for babies and the elderly if you have some staying with you
4. Food utensils.

*KNIFE~!!!! one of the most important utility. Have one in a holster, if you could teach kids to handle knives early in life the better. Something sharp that can be used not only in eating, food preparation, but utility as well, cutting rope.

* Spoons, forks, paper plates, drinking cups
* Non-electric can opener
* Cooking stove and fuel, if possible
* Plastic bags



*CANDLES (be careful in handling), candle holder / stand
5. Medicines. Consider having medicines for the following:

*alcohol, disinfectant
* Fever and nausea
* Coughs and colds
* Hypertension
* Diabetes
* Diarrhea
* Anti-tetanus
* Anti-leptospirosis
* Other prescription drugs that you need to take
6. First Aid kit. Must contain band-aids, gauze, tweezers, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, bandage scissors, absorbent dressings, antiseptic wipe packets, cold compress, gloves and thermometer.
7. Sanitation kit. Make sure that you have tissue wipes, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers.
8. Toiletries. These include toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap.
9. Blankets, towels, comforters, pillows. You can put them in large garbage bags to keep from getting wet.
10. Extra clothes and underwear. Put them in plastic bags to avoid from getting wet. If you can, pack something that will last you for a few days.
11. Jackets, sweaters, socks, caps. And anything else that will keep you warm and dry.
12. Emergency lights and flashlights
13. Fresh batteries. Have reserves for batteries of different sizes, especially for radios and flashlights.
14. Radio. Must be portable, battery operated, has functional AM station.
15. Mobile phone. Make sure the battery is fully charge, and that you have a spare one, too, in case of emergency. Also consider walkie-talkies.
16. Cash. Banks and ATMs might not be available so make sure that you have cash with you.
17. Keys. Have copies of keys to the front door, back door, garage, car keys, etc.
18. Items for pets. Consider also having a leash, muzzle, cage and food for your pets.
19. Umbrellas and tents
20. Water pails and dippers
21. Floatation devices like life jackets, styrofoams, old tires, etc. If life jackets or floatation devices, better if its styrofoam so you dont need to inflate it. During the last flood there were a lot of floatation devices but NO POWER to inlfate it. If you have these.. Get ready to inflate it.
22. Rope

*** INVERTERS, these are devices that can source power thru your car lighter, can handle small light radio. During last brownout, our inverter was able to power broadband, laptop, wifi, (myt wife had an important report to finish and submit) pump for fish and cellphone charger


Many people have died trying to go back for these things, so it’s important that you are well-prepared already at this point in time. Keep these documents in a water-proof container:

1. Birth certificates
2. Insurance records
3. Medical records
4. SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth records
5. Identification cards
6. Bank account numbers and records
7. Emergency contact numbers
8. Contact numbers of family, friends and loved ones

***** SOFTWARE DATA.. you may want to start burning to dvd / back-up online / back-up to external hardrive important data and store in water proof container.

It is important that you have an ID with you wherever you go. Also, a list of people to contact in case something happens to you. If you can, put your emergency contacts on speed dial.


If you have a 2nd floor, it may be hard work but start bringing up electrical items, specially with those of you who have their Audio Video room in a basement or Living Room downstairs. The refrigerator usually floats, that kinda like saved my life food and floating wise during ondoy hehehe.

Again, couldnt stress it even more, keep important documents, computers, harddrives dry in plastic.

**** keep cellphone charged at all times and inflatables inflated.

============================== this was originally published 6:00pm Aug 6. as of this writing, it is already 6pm Aug 7, the rainfall has been 472mm in 24hours (compared to ondoy’s 455mm in 2hours) ==========================

some additional info important and relevant gathered from the net



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