Philippine Air Force’s 65th Anniversary Run


Takbo para sa Karunungan, Kinabukasan ng Kabataan
June 24, 2012
Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

I always have the greatest respect for men in service. It was my dream to be in service. In college amidst the complaints of most undergraduates doing ROTC training, I was looking forward to it, I even enlisted myself to harder training and joined the ROTC marine corp. Im into Pekiti Tersia Kali wherein our head insrtructors teach and created a self defense program for the Philippine Millitary.

This coming June 24, its time to give something back somehow by way of supporting this race.
The Philippine Air Force Officers Ladies’ Club (PAFOLC) has been a reliable partner of the Philippine Air Force in uplifting the morale and welfare of its military personnel and their families/dependents.
It is along this line that the PAFOLC will hold a Fund Raising Run dubbed as “Takbo para sa Karunungan, Kinabukasan ng Kabataan” on 24 June 2012 at the Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. The activity includes a 3km, 5km and 10km fun run which is open to all ages. The proceeds of the event will go to the scholarship program intended for the dependents of Philippine Air Force Personnel who were either Killed-in-Action or totally incapacitated while in line of duty. Our soldiers, civilian employees, military dependents and civilians, both young and old will join the said activity. It may also be of interest for you to know that some of the Azkal football players and other personalities will also be present to support this worthwhile event. Other than promoting good health and wellness, the said activity will surely foster camaraderie and solidarity.
a. Registration Period:
In-store: until June 23, 2012
On-site (day of the event): June 24, 2012
b. Registration Venues:
– Riovana Store, Bonifacio Global City
– Riovana Store, Katipunan, Quezon City
– R.O.X. Store, Bonifacio Global City
– Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
– Philippine Air Force Gym, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
c. Registration Fees:
10km P500
5Km P400
3km P350

D. Gun Start

10Km 5:30am
5kM 5:50am
3Km 6:00am

1st Manila Folding Bike Festival

If youre a folding bike enthusiast, all roads lead to BSide Collective at Malugay St. in Makati.  Bside being the haven of alternative visual, music, and fashion artists now hosts health enthusiasts and quirky collectors of a gem we know as folding bikes.

You can see this cute transport almost anywhere and is even allowed in LRTs for easier commute. From the trusty “tupayb” or “2,500 bike to sky-is-the-limit budget you may have, its a sin not to have one in your household for errands or just uplifting your quality of life.

The photo below are my folding bikes that just give me joy to look at and incredible fun to ride

This is my ixi folding bike. Its a breakable/detachable type of folding bike. It is belt driven, funcitonal, sleek and has a modern twist to a foldie representing my taste for gadgetry , technology and futurism.  I got this from Ariel Arias of Folding Bike Pilipinas and he was encouraging me to place it under exhibit. Unfortunately its so fun to ride, my nephew wouldnt stop and rode it till it got flat and worse.

This is my Peerless GoGo bike. This one is incredible cute and a headturner specially if I walk in a cafe or jollybee holding this when im on commuting public transport. Unfortunately it has no gear to help me out on hills. But if portability is your priority this is your cute weapon of choice. Quirky, classy and functional as well.

Wikipedia defines the folding bike as

folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage.  When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings and workplaces or on public transportation (facilitating mixed-mode commuting and bicycle commuting, and more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane.

Folding mechanisms vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride, weight, durability and price. Distinguished by the complexities of their folding mechanism, more demanding structural requirements, greater number of parts, and more specialized market appeal, folding bikes may be more expensive than comparable non-folding models. The choice of model, apart from cost considerations, is a matter of resolving the various practical requirements: a quick easy fold, compact folded size, or a faster but less compact model.[1]

As regard to the types of folding bikes we have :

Folding mechanisms are highly variable.

Half or mid fold Many folding frames follow classic frame pattern of the safety bicycle‘s diamond frame, but feature a hinge point (with single or double hinges) allowing the bicycle to fold approximately in half. Quick-connect clamps enable raising or lowering steering and seat columns. A similar swing hinge may be combined with a folding steering column. Fold designs may use larger wheels, even the same size as in non-folders, for users prioritizing ride over fold compactness.

Triangle hinge A hinge in the frame may allow the rear triangle and wheel to be folded down and flipped forward, under the main frame tube, as in theSwift Folder and Bike Friday. Such a flip hinge may be combined with a folding front fork as in the Birdy. Swing and flip hinges may be combined on the same frame, as in Brompton and Dahon, which use a folding steering column. Folding mechanisms typically involve latches and quick releases, which affect the speed of the fold/unfold. Bike Friday offers a model, the Tikit, featuring a cable-activated folding mechanism requiring no quick releases or latches, for increased folding speed.[8]

Break away and other styles Bikes may partly fold and partly disassemble for packing into a standard or custom sized suitcase for air travel (e.g., Airnimal and Bike Friday). Other variations include the bicycle torque coupling is a proprietary connector system that can be retrofitted to a standard frame. The Giatex folds and retracts, adjusting to the size of the rider. The Gekko folds from the seat tube like an upside down umbrella. The iXi literally breaks into 2 halves. The Strida has a triangular frame and folds to resemble a unicycle.

Folding mechanisms may incur more cost and weight, allow folding smaller, and tend to use smaller wheels. 24 inch wheels are the largest for which flip hinges are generally used, but smaller wheels, typically 16 or 20 inches, are more common. Smaller size does not mean lighter weight, as most of these designs forgo the bracing benefits of the diamond frame, and must compensate as a step-through frame does, with thicker metal. The step-through design is a boon to a wider range of rider size, age and physical ability. Another system found on folders such as Montague Bikes utilizes the seat tube as a pivot point for the frame to fold. This system uses a tube within a tube design to give the bike more torsional stiffness. It allows the user to fold the bike without “breaking” any vital tubes down, preserving the structural integrity of the diamond frame. This system is operated by a single quick release found along the top tube of the bike.

As I said.. this saturday June 23, all roads lead to Bside.  As folding bike groups bike their way to malugay. Get together and everyone  meets up there as early as 10am. Organizers are there as early as 7am. The map to the venue is as follows:

Schedule on the festival is as follows:

10am is registration, fellowship, entering your bike to the contest and theres even bike blessing

1 pm is bike contest, exhibit, bazaar sale, there’s even free souvenir shirt silk screen printing

5pm concert  and partying follows!

Check out what the news has to say about the event

Its only a one day event! be sure to be there!

Manila Electronic Dance Music Conference June 15 to June 17

Manila Electronic Dance Music Conference

Today marks a very insightful weekend for DJ’s, dance music producers, remixers, electronica artists and music enthusiasts all together.  Its going to be the first day of a 3 day seminar on Electronic Dance music and I just feel honored to be part of this event as well.  Its going to be from June 15 to 17 at F1 Best Western Premier in BGC. Fee is just P2,000 for the 3 days and seats are limited.

Electronic music and electronic dance music is around us since your childhood days whatever your age is. From Kraftwerk to New Order to Trent Reznor to even the current sounds of J.lo.  If youre not sure of what electronic dance music is , the genre it encompasses is just so diverse it needs to be reblogged in volumes to do justice.  At the moment visit…  this site… the most comprehensive guide to electronic music ive seen Ishkur’s Guide to electronic music

The conference will be having a DJ clinic and workshop, Electronic Dance music production seminar and workshop and a remixing workshop.

DJ Setup by Aryan Magat A quick overview of the technology of DJing and its development from turntables until today.  Basic overview of equipment setup turntable/CDJ/Mixer/Headphones . Proper techniques to scratch and play vinyl

Mixing and Counting by Mark Nicosia How to count beats and bars + “Dropping on the 1. How to perform a basic mix/blend of two songs .Beatmatching techniques . Phrase mixing and conversation between two songs . How to build a set with a definite arc and flow

 Performance and Intermediate skills by Chris Myk Basic guidelines to EQing What are loops and looping/layering .Music Programming and Reading a crowd

How to build a set with a definite arc and flow .Beat cluster and beat juggling

 Music Organization by Travis Monsod

Organizing your Music Harmonic Mixing . How to record a mix  .How to create a podcast/mixtape  Travis Monsod


Digital DJing

Native Instruments Traktor S4 – Travis Monsod

Pioneer DDJ-T1 – Mark Nicosia

Pioneer DDJ-S1 – Aryan Magat

Pioneer DDJ Ergo – Jimmy Gustilo

Serato Scratch Live + Video Mixing – Chris Myk

Reloop Controller – Arnel Castillo

MP3s and Midi Mapping Travis Monsod + Mark Nicosia

Marketing and Promotion + Social Media Mike Bolante

DJ Business Chris Myk

Special feature: Maschine

Pads and Rhythmic Theory Josh Evangelista

Rhythmic Notation, Tempo, Bars, Time Signatures, Syncopation, Measures and Phrases, Drum Sounds Josh Evangelista

A breakdown of how to program pads for each genre of music. Josh Evangelista

 Introduction To Electronic Dance Music Production (EMP) by Josh Evangelista

Electronic Music History . Musical Styles . Current Trends in Dance Music

Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations by Silverfilter

Introduction to Gear and Studio Basics . Different DAW Brands .Overview of the basic parts of a DAW

MUSIC THEORY Basic Music Theory & Melody . Joshua Evangelista

Harmony – Chords + Chord Progression Miguel Cortes

Circle of Fifths Chord Progression Joshua Evangelista

Song Structure and Music Basics Joshua Evangelista




Synthesis, Compression, and ADSR  Silverfilter

Practical Dynamics – Modulation (Envelopes/LFOs) Joshua Evangelista


MIDI    Silverfiter

Basic EQ Miguel Cortes

Sampling  – Creative Sampling Justin De Guzman



Drums Silverfilter / Miguel Cortes / Josh Evangelista

Swing / Groove / Quantize Miguel Cortes

Bass  Silverfilter

Riffs Josh Evangelista


Piano (Acoustic & Electric)  Silverfilter + Josh Evangelista

Stabs  Miguel Cortes

Fat Leads and Arpeggios  Silverfilter

Pads Miguel Cortes

Creative Loops Abdel Aziz


Vocals Silverfilter


Basic Mixing Noel de Brackinghe

Basic Mastering Noel de Brackinghe













Music Business & Promotion Silverfilter & Abdel Aziz

Its going to be equally exciting as well to work with such talented artists and professionals in the industry.

Mike Bolante (Spin City DJ Academy, Orange MNL, Incognito MNL) – Manila, Philippines

Mike Bolante is a DJ/Producer working out of Manila, Philippines. He had his early education in music through classical piano, listening to Michael Jackson, New Order, Informational Society, Depeche Mode, and U2. Simple as it may seem, this performer carries with him an impressive pedigree.Just like most people in the industry, Mike Bolante started as a DJ, working for small parties. He then decided to venture into production, working with NYC legend, Ray Roc AKA The Roc Project. Mike was tasked to manage his label, ROCit Records.He then went on his own to earn his stripes in one of the cities that is most populated with DJs and is in fact, the birthplace of HOUSE MUSIC, the city of Chicago. Toiling for 6 years in the scene, he was exposed to this genre as Chicago defines it. He worked with local superheroes such as Michael Serafini, CzboogieMirani, Miguel Castro, Gene Farris, Andre Harris, Maurice Joshua, Bill Basil, Lego, Bad Boy Bill, JJ Flores, Kalendr, Inphinity, NORDjs, and John Curley to name a few.He also discovered his love for Techno and Tech House, working for Dino Gardiakos at his world renowned club, Spy Bar. Exposed to the sophisticated sounds of ShlomiAber, Steve Lawler, Loco Dice, Audiofly, PacoOsuna, and many more, his passion for these genres and Chicago’s house music can be seen and felt in his productions, including commercial mixes.
Travis Monsod(Spin City DJ Academy) – Manila, Philippines
DJ, Producer &Remixer Travis Monsod aka travism has been in the scene since 1998. He has established himself as one of Manila’s best with residencies and guest DJ spots in the best clubs and bars! He started his DJ career after quitting a band. He went to work for Tower Records in Makati where he was in charge of the vinyl and electronica section. With some friends help, he learned the basics of the craft and honed his taste in the music. Since then he has been DJing in various clubs around the metro. Travis also began producing his own material. Songs he produced landed him a spot on the Local E CD 2 compilation which Nokia picked up to launch their express music phones! His track grabbed awesome reviews from critics left and right. His 2nd offering is scheduled be part of the 3rd compilation out soon. He has also co-produced a track on the debut album of the band Archepelago and has put up a project with friends Danielle Faber and Brian Cua called Girl Shake Boy. He now holds down the sonic fort at Limbo located in The Fort every Thursdays and Saturdays. His Saturday nights are slowly becoming legendary and other people are taking notice. Other new bars and clubs are already positioning themselves to get his other available nights! With all of these things happening his sound has even reached the decks of Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur too. Aside from all the music creation & performance, He has put up a review site for digital DJs where he talks about upcoming trends on hardware and software. As one of the very first digital DJs in Manila, Travis is called upon by DJs when it comes to all the aspects of the new digital craft. He is now part of the DJ school Spin City where he heads the DJ academix team and help shape Manila’s future behind the decks whether analog or digital! He is also one of the three judges of the GSM Blue Mix Master DJ competition and is also on rotation as a headliner for the Philip Morris Smoking Lounge all over Manila. He recently DJ’ed for Jay Sean at Republiq club for the Marlboro Gold launch.
Chris Myk (Philippine Deejay Academy) – Manila, Philippines
The sobriquet Philippines’ Finest Video-DJ is known to go hand-in-hand with the moniker DJChrisMyk. Born Michael Manlapaz, his skills for mixing developed at the age of 14, and he honed this musical art as the years progressed. Knowing how challenging video mixing is for most DJs, this became his main focus.
By mid-year 2010, he raised his name above all others when he launched into video DJing. Aside from DJing, he is also a remixer and producer. His talent transforms every song in his playlist into a unique and unparalleled experience for all because of the accompanying videos. Because of the success of his video edits, he has given access to all his original works to everyone the world over. Countless foreign VDJs have benefited immensely from these, entertaining party crowds in different clubs across the globe. All his extraordinary works and skills can be seen live at different party hotspots in the Philippines where he regularly plays, such as Republiq, Manor, Encore, Fiamma, and Haceinda. He currently heads one of Manila’s DJ school, Philippine Deejay Academy.

Aryan Magat(Spin City DJ Academy) – Manila, Philippines

“DJ Aryan is an amazing combination of technical skill and artistic talent, add to that a wide array of genre specialties and artists collaborations, he is truly an ace of the industry.” DJ Aryan got his first experience with the turntables at the age of 11. Thru his older brother, he started experimenting scratching and beatmatching with a really modest direct drive decks and mixer setup. Got his first ever gig in his elementary school graduation. Buying records was really difficult for him and his older brother making them save up their daily allowances and setting a goal of getting at least 2 new records each month striving to update their small vinyl collection. Aryan got his first club gig thru a good friend with a fee just enough for him to gas up his car on his way home. He got regular gigs in the Quezon City area while balancing his time reviewing for his Civil Engineering Board Exam. DJ Steve Mills from Toronto who’s based in Manila that time discovered him on an event that Aryan opened for him. That started his career with Flavastreet Entertainment and now called VIBE Entertainment, an events production company that has been doing parties around Manila since 1997.With over 9 years of club experience, Aryan is now considered as one of the pioneer DJs in the Philippine night life industry. Having a professional attitude in continuous DJ research and an extraordinary ability to keep the dance floor rocking, Aryan gives any club or event a diverse and distinctive edge in its music atmosphere, vibe and energy.Aside from having weekly residencies in the best nightspots in Manila such as Pravda, Wasabi, Absinth, Fiamma, Club V, Ascend, Dolce and other happening places, he also gets regular Philippine tours bringing the real party to the world class beach of Boracay Island, and other major cities like Bacolod, Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro.DJ Aryan has been doing mixtapes for his supporters thru giveaways or online downloads thru He also does music production and remixes for local artists.Key highlights of his career are rocking yearly gigs in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and playing alongside international acts like the Triple Threat DJs: APOLLO, VINROC and SHORTKUT. He also opened for LEROY THORNHILL of the English electronic dance group PRODIGY, Australia’s number 1 DJ Nino Brown, and Hollywood A-list DJ and frontman of the American pop-punk band Good Charlotte, JOEL MADDEN and a lot more.

Mark Nicosia (Looper Beat) – Manila, Philippines
Also known as Mark NiCAUTION or AiS, Mark has been in the DJ business for 10 years now. Mark is the Head Faculty of Looper Beat Academy, one of the best DJ schools in Manila, Philippines. He is also part of the duo called LOOP FACULTY, producing original tracks and remixes for Filipino musicians, and also does scoring for advertisements. He currently headlines famous clubs in Manila like Republiq, Attica, and Opus. Mark has performed at several notable venues such as Reserve Liquor Lounge, Excess Club, Manor Club,  Tabu Lounge, Kyss Club, Time, and other famous clubs in Manila. Mark has done several remixes for famous Filipino rockstars such as Pepe Smith and Eli Buendia. He was also one of the judges and consultants at the recently concluded GSM Mixmasters Event. Not many people know that he was a champion and finalist of numerous Pioneer Digital DJ Battle competitions, both locally and internationally. He also is the author of Looper Beat Academy’s Beginner and Intermediate DJ courses and is currently very active in the scene.





2nd Day – Electronic Dance Music Production Workshop – Speaker Profiles


Joshua Evangelista (KandeeTrax Recordings, Incognito Los Angeles, Plip House Radio)

Los Angeles, California, USA

DAW Software: Apple Logic Pro + AbletonLive

Genres: Funky House, Soulful House, Vocal House, and Disco House

A practicing Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the US, Josh is a club DJ and has been at the forefront of local clubbing industry. He had his share of Manila’s nightlife from 2001 all the way back in the 90s. He first joined X-static, a mobile DJ group in the city of Paranaque back in 1990. It was also this yearwhen Josh saw himself frequently playing at 99.5 RT FM. The show “Saturday Night Live” was anchored by Boo Kyler and and guested Joshon Saturday nights. In 1992, Josh landed a residency at Corner Pocket,Alabang.  Eventually, he left the bar to join the company of DJ’s collectively known as First Audio, the DJ group headed by Wopsy Zamora. HeDJ’ed at the famous Stargazer Manila and Pirates Den. Joining Anzia was an experience that shaped him as a house head, notably inspired by famous First Audio DJs such as Elmer Dado, James McCranie, his cousin Alvin Blanco, Bryan Apalit, and Mike Monsod.In 1993, Josh was hired to DJ at Cosmo Bar in Greenhills. With the success of Cosmo Bar, a new club, Club Nirvana was opened in Makati. He spearheaded Club Nirvana’s music programming. After finishing a degree in Medical Technology, he landed a job as an A & R Manager for WEA/Universal Records. Bella Tan, then company president, gave Josh the job of handling Galaxy Records, its major dance label which includes VMP Singapore and a bunch of European labels. Working with music executive Peter Chan, he released 20 different dance compilations, half of which he mixed and produced. He also got involved in the album releases of WEA Philippines’ major bands such as the Neocolors, Nexus, Parokyani Edgar, and the band called Weedd, who sang the one time hit, “Long Hair”. After his gig at WEA, Josh went on a hiatus for 6 years doing corporate sales for Mead Johnson. In 1998, he decided to revive his DJing career. Mike Monsod, who was the head DJ of club Giraffe back then, invited Josh to spin on weekends together with resident DJ Rocky Solarta. That same year saw him landing a residency at Venezia Bar in Makati. When the legendary disco king Louie Ysmael and ChitoMelo gave him the break, he worked alongside DJs Fernando and Matthew Carbonell, creating a formidable team who were responsible for introducing several dance anthems that have graced Manila’s nightspots for years. Venezia, with its unique house music programming, became the hottest night spot in Makati’s saturated club row. These also have opened some opportunities for DJing. He was featured in some of Manila’s major marketing events involving brands like Esprit, Ritratto, Toyota Motors, Magic 89.9’s annual Summer Kickoff Party in Glorietta, Ford Motor Phils launch parties and several others.In the middle of 2001, he called it quits and moved to the US. In Los Angeles, he met former Mars resident and local pinoy DJ, George Garcia. Sharing the same passion for house music, George tapped Josh to DJ on several events that were being promoted under his FLOW and REVIBE series of parties all over Los Angeles. He had spun at Hollywood clubs like Joseph’s, Forbidden City, King King, Les Voyouz, Boulevard, Minx and The Cove in Glendale, Clear, Zen Lounge, Tatou, O Bar in Cerritos, and Candlelight in Simi Valley. In 2005, Josh met marketing genius Alan Agbayani. During that time, Alan, together with upcoming DJ, Franco Benito aka Gerard Florendo, was in the midst of concocting a promotions outfit company that will later be known as Incognito. Josh was later on invited to join and DJ several gigs of Incognito at several Hollywood clubs, including the #1 house music venue in Hollywood, King King Club, and also at Burgundy Club in Santa Monica. After opening for Incognito’s event that featured Samantha James in 2007, Josh went on a second hiatus to pursue his Master’s degree. During this hiatus, Josh pursued music production to cap off his DJing career. The years 2010 and 2011 sent Josh to prestigious dance music production schools such as Dubspot in New York, USA, and Point Blank Music College in London, England. Currently Josh is very active in music production and has several remixes under his belt. The year 2011 saw the revival of House Music in Hollywood’s hiphop saturated nightlife. This transformation has inspired Josh to embark again in an ambitious project called DELECTABLE. In collaboration with Alan, they have recently concluded an event called “DELECTABLE presents Grant Nelson” with Joshua Evangelista, Eddie Barajas,and West Coast Collective headlining the event at King King Hollywood last April 2011.

At the moment, Josh runs an online radio show called PLIP HOUSE RADIO, where he collaborates with fellow Filipino House Music producers. PLIP HOUSE RADIO was put up to promote original Filipino House Music productions, and as a way to spread the amazing talent of Filipinos when it comes to dance music production.Plip House Radio is broadcasted fortnightly on and, and is replayed at Manila’s only club music station, 107.9 U-Radio FM every Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am to 10am and 6pm to 9pm.2012 will also mark the launch of Josh’s online record label, KandeeTrax Recordings. The record label will showcase funky, soulful, house music tracks and will feature notable remixers and producers from the dance music industry.

Brian Cua (Hit Productions, BED Manila)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: AbletonLive + Apple Logic Pro

Genres: Progressive House, Pop House, Tribal House, Vocal House
Brian is an award winning producer, arranger, jingle composer, remixer and DJ from the Philippines. Brian is a founding partner of Hit Productions, Inc, the largest jingle house and audio-post production house in Manila, Philippines. He is one of the resident DJs of BED, the largest dance clubs in Manila. He is also best known for his monthly mix sets and pop remixes, as featured by, and Remixarchive. He won’s Best Regional DJ Poll for 2 years in a row (2011-2012). He also collaborated on several tracks for the compilation CD Club Anthems Asia (sold in Itunes and HMV) with DJ Stonedog, the top resident DJ of Volume, HK’s best gay club. Currently, he is the remixing partner of Drew G (LA/NY), collaborating on official remixes for Beyonce, Hayla, Solange, Dangerous Muse, Jason Derulo, Cyon Flare, Matt Consola, Jessica Wild, Patti Rothberg and Brian Kent. Brian also collaborates regularly with Joe Gauthreaux, Top US circuit DJ and Big Kid, Asia’s circuit DJ superstar. Last year, Brian has started to DJ at clubs around Asia, Jump (TWN), and Midnight Shift (Sydney). He also has been the DJ for Belvedere events in Saigon.
MadzAbubakar (NykoMaca + Playground)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: AbletonLive

Genres: Deep House, Electronica
MadzAbubakar a renowned electronic producer and a genius live beats programmer for NykoMaca + Playground. ( Hailed as, “one of the most talented Electronic Dance Music producer in the Philippines” – Rogue Magazine 2007. An evident name in the LIVE electronic music culture in Manila, he is a remixer, an arranger and a producer; an Ableton user and an Akai APC pusher. He performs a solo live-electronic act as NEON8 and also the third musical head of PLAYgROUND. It was in 2005 that MadzAbubakar was cast as the bassline/beats programming caballero for NM+PG (NykoMaca+PLAYgROUND); alongside Alvin Cornista& Rick Sanchez, they created a live yet smooth, crisp and clean electronic music. Their sound is their OWN. A unique style that ranged from lounge jazz to jacking beats where the boundaries of musical genres can’t contain. As the members went on their separate ways in 2010, MadzAbubakar went on to relive his solo live electronic act. As a forward-thinking live artist using new technology, he has earned the credence and respect of local artists (and promoters) in the urban music scene. His musical styling’s, (hammering buttons and cross-faders) (muse) around soulful sounds of the 70s to the most trendy, on-front dance genre, triggers voluntary arm and hip movements from both Manila hipsters and partyphiles. Currently, MadzAbubakar continues to take part on frequent collaborations with various artist and DJs. He continues to evolve, blending the organic with the electronic and helps reshape, outstrip and create new aural experience for audiophiles all over the Manila and the rest of the islands.
Silverfilter aka Cyril Sorongon(Trike Records, Electronica Manila)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: Propellerheads Reason

Genres: Techno, Tech House, Electronica, Deep House
Recognized beyond local waters with his tracks being signed by record labels in UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, France, Romania, US, and the rest of the world following suit, this producer was put on the map by his flavorful approach to any genre of electronic music he puts his hands on. Known for his versatility in covering Techno, to various styles of house, to drum and bass, to lounge and chillout, Silverfilter constantly pushes his limits. All these are brought out in the open through his live performances, which are definitely an experience. He has also produced and released a slew of albums done exclusively in his home studio and has even made an appearance in a number of rock, pop, and electronic albums as a remixer both locally and internationally. His music, made up of beat-driven patterns and catchy hooks, is best experienced on the dance floor where the booming basses, pulsating beats and the infectious vibe can easily be felt all over. Meanwhile, he continues his song writing with more albums up his sleeve and singles released all over the world. He also produces other artists as well, proving he can be in front, or even behind the scenes in whatever music project he handles. He has also started his label, Trike Records to handle his releases with artists who share the same vision in pushing electronic music forward locally.Silverfilter can claim an essential part in the rise of live dance music in the Philippines due to his hard-hitting dance sets, which leaves audiences no choice but to move and groove. Fusing the live experience to the DJ vibe, every silverfilter set is sure to be the best of both worlds and has proven to entertain crowds from all over. Silverfilter’s live performances and his original tracks have already proven to be ear candies to floor-fillers, making him one of the most sought after electronic music producers in the industry.
Justin De Guzman (Deeper Manila Records)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: Fruity Loops Studio + AbletonLive + Sonar + Propellerheads Reason

Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Hip-Hop
Currently the A&R and managing director of Deeper Manila Records, Justin is at the forefront of the dance music production industry. One of the most successful Filipino dance music producer and remixer, Justin has released a ton of tracks via Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download to name a few via Deeper Manila Records, which is considered to be one of the most successful dance music label based in the Philippines. He has collaborated with notable dance music producers and has done remixed projects for labels such as Asia Music and TraxAcid, and has worked with artists such as Aerodynamic, Palitra, AnthonyLogarta etc. Justin holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Music Production from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, and has worked as a Sound Engineer and project Manager at his alma mater.

Salamangkero aka Noel De Brackinghe (Rubber Inc.)

Boracay + Manila Philippines

DAW Software: Ableton Max/MSP + Sound Design and Synthesis

Genres: Techno, Acid Jazz, Funk, Rock, Industrial Dance Music
Noel aka the Salamangkero (the Filipino word for Wizard) started DJing sometime around 1996 after discovering jungle during a trip to London. With Manila’s rave scene just taking off clearing dance floors that were just starting to understand house was not unusual. Even though,  he became part of the production crew Kinky Sphere renowned for throwing underground jungle parties in strange locations and developing a consistent following. Once the scene really took off if was not uncommon to see him playing in the “other” room alongside artists like Ken Ishii, Pure Science etc. He is also a member of the pioneering live PA Rubber Inc ( pushing the idea of live electronic music in the Philippines, Noel became one of the owners and residents of the small but very influential club Kemistry; the only place in Manila where DJ’s could do whatever they wanted to do. Being a resident meant expanding his sound to everything from Techno, House, Breakbeats, Drum n’ Bass etc.After moving into more serious production with Rubber Inc., doing strange experiments with Ballet Philippines and The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Noel became a full time record producer working on some of the most respected albums released in the country.With the start of Sweetspot Progressive Audio Solutions, a studio devoted to producing good but commercially questionable bands, his relationship with DJing lost its priority but every 2 years he would come back championing a new sound and developing new disciples.After several trips to Koln and Berlin with Rubber Inc., he has started to move away from the studio curse of working on other peoples music for money and back to self production, Rubber Inc., DJing and a healthy dose of experiments with custom midi controllers and max/msp programming.These days his DJ sets can vary intensely based on venues. He is as comfortable playing Acid Jazz, Funk and Rock as he is playing long Techno sets.Though always with a distinct dose of IDM, psychedelia and other tunes that always works but never seem like they should.
Miguel Cortes (Independent Music Producer/ DJ)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: Presonus Studio One + AbletonLive

Genre: Progressive House, Trance
Initially trained and interned as an assistant recording engineer in a small recording studio near his house in 1998 until early 2000, he possesses a wide knowledge in the field of music production. After a short stint as a recording engineer in DigiSound studio, where he also honed his skills in music arrangement and production, he slowly moved away from being a recording engineer to answering his true calling, writing, arranging and producing music. His first project, “Teknobrown” in 2000 – 2001, was an independent production. The album, which was made up of mostly dance tracks, further enhanced his skills in the production of electronic dance music. He has written music and arranged for projects like Death Threat’s “Still Wanted”, AvantismCreative’s “Tula” (musical score). He is also known as the music writer, and music arranger for RetroSPECT’s dance hit album “Decade”. And also got the job of arranging music, and doing the score for the stage presentation, “Queen Of Disco: The Musical Journey Of Donna Summer”. Lately he has been dipping his music hand in the realm of film scoring, composing for such films as the short film “Tula” and the independent film “Watawat” and a number of indie documentaries. He is currently set to score another film entitled “Musikero” in 2012. Miguel recently conducted a seminar on Music Technology and post-production at MAPUA IT center in Makati, and MapuaInstitue of Technology Intramuros



Mike Bolante

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: AbletonLive

Genre: Deep House, House, Tech House


3rd Day – RemixingWorkshop – Speaker Profiles

Joshua Evangelista


Brian Cua


Mike Bolante


Justin De Guzman


DJ X-Factor (Philippine Deejay Academy)

Northridge, California + Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: Ableton

Remixer + Mashup Artist
International Dj& Remix Artist, X-Factor has been busy doing dominating Manila’s daunted nightlife. As a producer and remixer, his famous tracks with the signature X-Factor Hype, has landed him on the Top 4, Best Remix Artists Of All Time at Crack4djs , where DJs worldwide get their club banging remix tracks. As a Club DJ, he combines his killer scratching, looping skills with his own Remix brand of Hip-Hop, RnB, Mashup, Electro & Dirty Dutch which impressed clubbers, promoters &Dj’s in his recent club tour this year in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia , Thailand, Hong Kong, China & Singapore. When not touring, he samples his freshly released tracks in different clubs in the Philippines and remixes for a Dance show on TV, “Party Pilipinas”. X-Factor was also based in Los Angeles, California for 10 years acquiring the influence of the Hiphop club scene and transforming his taste in music. This naturally talented artist started out as a young radio spinner, was a 1st Runner Up In the Philippine DMC Competition &turntablist showcase DJ before landing his first resident Club DJ gig. He has since then played alongside World Celebrity DJs like DJ QBERT (Legendary Turntablist), DJ Craze (3-Time DMC Champion), DJ Numark (Jurrasic 5) , DJ Klever (USA DMC Champion), DJ Mat The Alien, B Traits and Joel Madden & other celebrity Djs around the globe. X-Factor is also a member of “HITMEN CREW INTERNATIONAL” ( Australia) & JIVE CREW (Philippines ). Havng said that, X-Factor’s remixes are hyping up the dance floor of Clubs around the World.


DJ Patch aka Jimmy Gustilo (Balcony, Harvest, Team Switch)

Manila, Philippines

DAW Software: Apple Soundtrack Pro

Genre: Groovy House, Soulful House, Latin House
Known all over Manila for his funky, disco &latin house sound, Jimmy Gustilo a.k.a. DJ Patch has been spinning and mixing music since 1998. Nowadays, you can watch him work the decks of The Balcony & Harvest. Patch has been featured in venues like Absinth, Bed, Flute, Orange, & the legendary ABG’s. Makati’s clubs were not the privileged firsts though. Patch headlined a number of white party events in Malate as far back as 2001. He has also been headlining Hey Jude’s anniversary & New Year parties for the past 5 years. His talent for audio foreplay has earned him a rare spot as one of Mild 7’s seven honoree DJs for 2005. And by constantly producing live mixed CD’s, remixes & original tracks, Patch’s music has been heard throughout the Philippines and has even crossed our country’s borders into international territory. His mixes can now be heard streaming through the internet& has been getting good reviews from DJs all over the world.

21km Gun Start Change now 5am for BROOKS RUN June 3 2012

The Brooks Run organizer is announcing that based on their recent safety and security meeting, they have decided to


21Km is now 5:00 am (was 4:30am)

It has been gloomy lately in the morning and it will be too dark for the runners in Merit Road(road leading to British School), 8th Ave (long road that starts where Lexus is at) and Kalayaan Bridge.


12km is still 5:30AM
6Kn ist still 5:40AM

Thank you for your understanding. The recent change is for the benefit and safety of the runners.

See you Sunday!