Aikido Seminar by Shihan Hitohiro Saito Aug 4&5

Traditional Aikido Philippines invites aikidokas (aikido practitioners) to a seminar by Saito Hitohiro Shihan founder of  Iwama Shinshin Aikishurenkai Kaicho

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba. One of his direct students was Morihiro Saito. Shihan Hitohiro Saito is Morihiro Saito’s son.

He will be conducting a seminar in Manila on August 4 & 5

Venue: PAJA 3rd Flr wrestling gym, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex Adriatico St. Malate Manila

Seminar Schedule

4 session: 9am -12pm (2 sessions with 15min break on every session)

2pm – 5pm (2 sessions with 15 min break on every session)

Fee is P1,500 for 2 days

P 900 for 1 day only

For foreign guests: USD 225 includes 2 night stay twin sharing

For inquiries on this event please contact via email

If you are an aikidoka and you wish to attend, if there is something you should bring is the expected humility, “empty cup” , an open mind and a happy attitude and disposition. I guess there is no expected signing of your Aikika yudansha cards here, but the wealth of knowledge that Shihan Saito will impart will surely be priceless. Being able to train and be with Morihiro Saito’s son is an honor itself.

If you have been practicing aikido for sometime, Morihiro Saito was one of Morihei Ueshiba’s direct students and uchi deshi. The earlier black and white films we used to see in betamax in vhs videos are of Morihiro Saito. Each of Morihei Ueshiba’s uchi deshi or direct students has developed each and their own style. Saito style is evidently rooted in traditional movement utilizing the sword  (bladed hand) in execution.

So aside from your gi, and hakama please bring your bokken and jo’s as well.  Bring hydration and toiletries for changing.

More on Saito Hitohiro Shihan

I happen to see him on a youtube video at a seminar. See attached link. His movements and executions are clean and simple yet incredibly fast and powerful. His posture, form and footwork is really something to look up to..

This is a youtube video of Morihiro Saito Sensei. His movements are so simple and direct. I just love watching his sword work as well.

(sourced from Wikipedia)

Hitohiro Saito (斎藤 仁弘 Saitō Hitohiro, born 12 February 1957 in Iwama) is an aikido instructor and founding headmaster of Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai.[1] Hitohiro is the son of Morihiro Saito. At age of seven,[2] he started to learn aikido from Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, who cared for him as a grandson. After Ueshiba died in 1969, he continued his practice with his father. The younger Saito became official instructor of the Iwama dojo in 1986 and remained so until 2004 when he separated from the Aikikai organization and formed his own group. Since 2009 he is also identified as Hitohira (仁平) Saito.[3]

Hitohiro Saito is the founder and leader (Kaicho) of a traditional Iwama styleaikido organization. It is named Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai (岩間神信合氣修練会, lit. Iwama spiritual aiki drill association). It has dojo in about 20 countries.[4]

With the passing of Morihiro Saito (13 May 2002), Hitohiro Saito initially continued to govern the Founder’s dojo and the Temple of Aikido, Aikijinja. He had also prepared to surrender these roles to the Aikikai, which own those properties.[5] However, the doshu also asked for the Iwama Ryu grading certificates to cease, and in return Hitohiro asked for the Aikikai to announce in publication that the founder’s original style is preserved at Iwama.[5] The latter did not occur, and Hitohiro also came under pressures within the Iwama group.[5] In November 2003, Hitohiro separated from the Aikikai.[5] By February 2004 he had formed his own organisation (ISSASK).

While a number of Morihiro Saito’s students preferred to remain affiliated with the Aikikai, others decided to follow Hitohiro Saito upon his break from the organization. Today he teaches full time at his own Tanrenkan and travels constantly inside Japan and around the world, instructing at seminars attended by hundreds of aikido students.

(OneFC) One Fighting Championship to Rock Philippine MMA

One Fighting Championship or OneFC will totally Rock the Philippine Mixed Martial Arts scene and get sports fans excited as they bring world class MMA tournament here on August 31, 2012 at SMART ARANETA COLISEUM in Quezon City, Philippines.

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Art and is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. It combines the world’s most effective martial arts: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and to the known few Filipino Martial Arts or FMA. As OneFC brings its tournaments to our shore it brings the MMA promise of excitement of a prize fight, adrenaline and theatrics of a rock concert, athleticism and technical knowledge of athletes, honor and tradition of excellence of martial arts.

CEO of ONE Fighting Championship™ Victor Cui stated, “We have put together the greatest card in ONE FC history for our Manila event. When you put Shinya Aoki and Bibiano Fernandes on the same card, one can expect nothing less than an epic night of world‐class MMA action like Manila has never seen before. Manila is the fight capital of Asia and I want to bring the best fighters in Asia to the awesome fight‐fans of this great city. We are beyond excited to hold this incredible card in such a passionate and pride driven city.”

Do check out OneFC at

Tickets for ONE FC: Pride of a Nation are on sale now through TicketNet at or at all TicketNet outlets located at the SM department store customer service area and at the SMART Araneta Coliseum ticket booth. For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 911 5555.

Tickets are priced at Php 4,500 for VIP experience seating that includes exclusive Red Carpet entrance as well as access to the VIP lounge, followed by Php 2,000, Php 1,000, Php 650, Php 500 and Php 200 respectively.

But I think its all going to be work it as world class MMA fighting hits our shores which would be something like this..

MMA fans can look forward to watching the pride of Asian MMA, Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki, make his highly‐anticipated ONE FC debut in Manila. Shinya Aoki (30‐6‐1) is the DREAM Lightweight Champion and has beaten the likes of Tatsuya Kawajiri, Marcus Aurelio and Rich Clementi. He holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu and Judo which has earned him a reputation as one of the top submission specialists in  the sport of MMA.

Currently fighting out of Evolve MMA, the “Grandmaster of Flying Submissions” is looking forward to showcasing his skills to the Filipino fans when he debuts at ONE FC: Pride of a Nation.  Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang (11‐2) is back in action at ONE FC: Pride of a Nation. The hero of the Philippines will represent his country once again on an international stage when he enters the ONE FC cage. Folayang is excited to prove why he is still one of the top fighters in the Lightweight division today.

I was privileged to have been able to interview URCC founder and Philippine MMA legend Alvin Aguilar as I asked him regarding Filipino MMA fighters, his current MMA training and system and tips on those who wants to get into MMA. Watch the video clip on youtube here

Those that came in the presscon were:

Shinya Aoki – Tokyo, Japan (30-6-1)

· Shinya #1 pound for pound king of Asian MMA
· Considered one of the best grapplers in the world
· DREAM Lightweight Champion
· Former Shooto Welterweight Champion
· Top 12 MMA Lightweight Worldwide (SB Nation)
Bibiano Fernandes – Manaus, Brazil (11-3)
· First DREAM Featherweight Champion
· Current DREAM Bantanweight Champion
· 2006 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Gold Medalist
· Top 10 Bantamweight Worldwide (SB Nation)
Eduard Folayang – Baguio City, Philippines (11-2)
· Will defend his nation in Manila
· URCC Welterweight Champion
· 2011 Southeast Asian Games Gold Medal
· #1 Pound for Pound Fighter in Philippines
Andrei Arlovski – Babruysk, Belarus (17-9)
· Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
· Former M-1 MFC European Heavyweight Champion
· Holds notable wins over Tim Sylvia, Ben Rothwell and Fabricio Werdum


Three other great fights are already lined up for this historic night of MMA action. The main event will pit the ever impressive DREAM Bantamweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes against CFC Australia Champion Gustavo Falciroli. Fernandes has an 11‐3 record with most of his fights finishing via TKO or submission and is ranked as one of the top five fighters globally in the Bantamweight division. Despite being feared for his explosive submission grappling, his last victory in DREAM against former WEC Bantamweight Champion Antonio Banuelos, ended by TKO in just 1:21 seconds of round one, proving to everyone that he was equally adept at ending fights with his fists. He is looking to make a memorable ONE FC debut when he squares off against the aggressive striker and submission wizard from Australia, Gustavo Falciroli (12‐3).

Falciroli is the current CFC Australia Bantamweight Champion. He earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu‐ Jitsu in 2003 and is currently on a two‐fight win streak. His last ONE FC fight captivated fans across the MMA community with his impressive rear naked choke submission victory over Soo Chul Kim in just 1:12 seconds of round one. Falciroli will be facing the biggest test of his fight career when he steps up in class against top pound for pound Bantamweight king Fernandes.
In addition to the main event, MMA fans will also have the opportunity to see the ONE FC debut of Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski and Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver. Arlovski will square off against Soa Palelei and Pulver takes on the pride of the Philippines Eric “The Natural” Kelly.
Fans can look forward to some serious action in the ONE FC heavyweight division when “The Pit Bull” arrives for the big show on 31 August. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Arlovski (17‐9) will step into the ONE FC cage for the first time with the determination and striking ability to get him back on top of the division he once ruled. Arlovski has gone toe‐to‐toe against some of the top heavyweight fighters in the world including the likes of Tim Sylvia, Fabrico Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko. Expect Arlovski to
bring hard hitting action when he looks to continue his winning streak against Soa Palelei.
Two of the most skilled strikers in the ONE FC Featherweight division will battle it out in what is guaranteed to be a fast paced slug fest. Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver will battle the pride of the Philippines Eric Kelly. In his first appearance in the ONE FC cage, Pulver will look to impress Asian MMA fans with a decisive victory over the rising star Kelly. Coming off an impressive unanimous decision victory over Bae Young Kwon at ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors, Kelly will do everything in his power to maintain his unbeaten fight record and turn Pulver’s dream debut into a nightmare. Pulver is Kelly’s toughest test so far but Kelly will have the advantage of home crowd support at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

More photos on the press conference:

Andrei Arlovski is HUGE… with him is idol sports host Anthony Suntay. We all know how tall Anthony is.. check out Arlovski’s fist! whoa!

Running Photographer Aquiz Minlay with a better view.

Philippine MMA legend Alvin Aguilar (Left) with Running Blogger Jarred aka Supladong Irish Runner (Right)

I guess most didnt notice a rockstar in their midst. Philippine Electronica Artist Madz Abubakar provided the sonic symphony in the event. I hope he provides the music and spinning  too on Aug 31. And I pray I get to have a role there of some sort.

Check out Madz with his APC and Ableton in a work setting (note the longsleeves hehehe)


Philippine Electronica Artist Madz Abubakar providing the sonic symphonies during the event. No one noticed this rockstar? probably its the long sleeves. Prod work duties calls. Check out his APC and ableton live setup

Oh ..and thanks to John Remir Cueto of for this fighters photo (word is that we dont see him fighting soon after being called in by the baranggay, for selfdefense purposes..but thats another story to tell)

Mixed Vegetables & Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

Now that I have my blog I’ll be migrating my simple recipe’s ive shared in facebook to my friends.

Ok this time ill make a run down on how I came up with the dish this time.. and not just pics maybe  ill make a video soon.

I spent the whole day looking for a particular Japanese Salad Dressing. So me and my mom went to around 4 specialty japanese, chinese and korean groceries. Earlier on, we ate Mixed Vegetables at Wok Inn. And I was just in awe looking at the way they cook their dishes.

I couldnt quite get the “authentic chinese restaurant” taste in my mix vegetalbes and chopseuy.

This time however I think I nailed it! Im excited to share the recipe with you.

The secret ingredient i think that gave it a unique taste is Chinese Rice Wine. The one I got is the cheapeset one I could

find in the oriental grocery.  Shao Xing Jia Fan Wine.. I guess you couldnt be more chinese than that.



4 Tablespoon Chinese Rice Wine (I used Shao Xing Jia Fan Wine)

3 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce

1 1/2 Cup of water (or better Chicken stock)

2 heaping tablespoons of cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

2 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil

1 Cup tenga ng Daga Mushroom

3/4 Cup sliced fresh mushroom

3 Cups Baguio pechay

1/2 cup finely sliced Carrot

1/2 cup green bell pepper

1/2 Cup onions

2 coin size slices of ginger


I didnt have these: but it could have tasted better with:

1 cup young baby corn

1/2 cup chicharo


Cooking Directions

1) prep the mushrooms by soaking in 2 cups water or chicken stock the mushroom, dried tenga ng daga, carrots for at least 5 minutes

2) mix in bowl; SEASONED MIX of

4 Tablespoon Chinese Rice Wine (I used Shao Xing Jia Fan Wine)

3 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce

1 1/2 Cup of water (or better Chicken stock)

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil


separate 4 tablespoon of mix in a separate bowl, pour in the remaining bowl

2 heaping tablespoons of cornstarch and mix vigorously until powdered cornstarch is not visible


3) Heat pan high/max  heat, leave to heat for 3 minutes. Pour in 2 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil leave to heat oil 1 minute.


4) Place in Ginger in oil 30 secs, followed by onion mix for another 1 minute.


5) Remove water from the prepped mushrooms/carrot and place in pan and sautee.  Put in Seasoned mix W/O

cornstarch. Sautee for 2 minutes. Note pan at this point is still at high/max heat. Season with blackpepper no need to add salt.


6) Put in Seasoned mix with cornstarch and put in Baguio Pechay. Mix for another 2 minutes then turn off flame.

continue mixing for another 30 secs to a minute. Place in Serving bowl


Pekiti Tirsia Kali Hangkilan

The Pekiti Tirsia Kali strategy is based on mobility, counterattacking and triangular movement and clearly comes from the era when when it was common for Filipino men to carry swords and knives based on what they used predominantly in farming.

Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a Filipino close quarter fighting system that focuses on edged weapons. It encompasses a wide range of traditional weapons and tactics, namely:

  • Single stick (single sword)*
  • Double sticks (two swords)*
  • Single knife
  • Double knives
  • Espada y Daga (long blade and knife)
  • Sibat (spear)
  • Empty-handed techniques and grappling (dumpag and dumog)

Sticks are used in training in place of swords

The system originates from the provinces of Panay and Negros Occidental and was created by the Tortal clan. The family patriarch and Grandmaster of Pekiti Tirsia, Grand Tuhon Conrado B. Tortal, passed the system to his only grandson Grand Tuhon Leo Tortal Gaje, Jr.

Grand Tuhon Conrado B. Tortal, like the other family leaders before him, further developed the system through the testing and the research of technique and strategy. Practicing within the family, duels with other systems and actual combat continuously honed and validated Pekiti Tirsia as an effectives and deadly fighting system. The current headmaster of the system, Grand Tuhon Leo Tortal, inherited the system from his grandfather Conrado Tortal. Grand Tuhon Gaje began to study the system at the age of six and eventually learn it in its entirety.

Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje inherited the system at the passing of his grandfather. As with family tradition, he practiced and kept the system within their clan. When Grand Tuhon Gaje immigrated to the US in 1972, he realized the potential of sharing the family system to others and began teaching the system to a select number of martial artists.

Grand Tuhon Gaje is widely recognized as one of the top edged weapons instructors in the world, and served as a technical advisor for theSurviving Edged Weapons law enforcement training video.

(Sourced from Buddy Acenas, founder of Pekiti Tirsia Manila at

Pekiti Tirsia Kali – Hangkilan is the training group led by instructor, Mataas na Guro Patch Caballero. With the blessing and guidance of Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje jr., supreme grandmaster of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali System and Tuhon Rommel Tortal, founder and chairman of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Asia Pacific Confederation. Dedicated in propagating the Filipino fighting system here in the Philippines to fellow Filipinos and to other nations abroad. “Hangkilan” which means “Ferocious Warrior” in hiligaynon is the name given to the group by Tuhon Nonoy Garrucho in 2011.


Mandala Maginoo Nonoy Garrucho(L) with Mataas na Guro Patch Caballero also Pekiti Tirsia Hangkilan Instructor (R)

Mandala Maginoo Nonoy Garrucho(L) with Mataas na Guro Patch Caballero also Pekiti Tirsia Hangkilan Instructor (R)

Me (L) with Mandala Maginoo Nonoy Garrucho (R)

Below is a clip of one of our sparring sessions back in Pekiti Tirsia Manila. The exercise was between me and fellow practitioner Zaldy,  I realized I had to improve my leg work more and apparently my cardio. Sparring exercise are intense with sudden bursts of speed and strength from both practitioners making it really tiring.

I miss getting back to training, looking forward to train with my buddies in PTK Manila and PTK Hangkilan soon.

Pekiti Tirsia Hangkilan Training schedules are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00pm – 10:00pm at the covered court area of Brgy. UP village, Diliman, Quezon City. Saturdays (optional) from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

For more information:
Mobile number: +63.922.581.2525

Check If Your PC Infected With DNS Changer Malware



Just read this article at media website INTERAKSYON  that thousands of PC systems in the Philippines infected with the DNS Changer Malware could stand to lose internet access. According to latest data from the DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG), a multi-sectoral ad hoc group of subject matter experts in security and DNS monitoring, some 1,286 unique IP addresses discovered to be infected with the malware were coming from the Philippines.

The DNSChanger malware was discovered last year to be re-routing Internet traffic of infected PCs to servers of a group of Internet hackers, which allows them to display advertisements or spread malware to more users.

Once infected, the Domain Name Settings (DNS) of an infested computer will be changed to that of the hackers’ servers. Reports said systems have started to become infected when they visited similarly infected websites, “or downloaded particular software to view videos online,” according to technology news site CNet.


1. Click Start
2. Open the Command Window
3. (For Windows 7) Type cmd at the search bar
4. (For Windows XP) Click Run, then type cmd at the bar
5. Type ipconfig /all
6. Search for the DNS Servers section

Mac OS X
1. Click the Apple icon an the top left of the screen
2. Select System Preferences
3. Locate the “Network” icon
4. Read the “DNS Server” line

If the DNS servers are pointed at any of the following addresses, then it means the system is infected:

• through
• through
• through
• through
• through
• through

Mine fortunately turned out uninfected:

Okay so that was a good exercise in DOS operating system which I sorely missed. To play games before I literally had to fiddle with DOS settings.

Sorry for putting you through that exercise..

THE EASIEST WAY TO CHECK please go to the following websites:




Share this blog to your friends and hopefully none are infected.


HYPERSPORTS’ Get Fit Run July 8, 2012

It was in January this year that I got to correspond with Hpersports’ Djundi Binas about Hypersports. Then I began seeing my friends’ Jobert dela Victoria, Angel Evangelista, Jarred Supladong Irish Runner, Ynny Cee , Mark Diaz and the rest get into the program as they train not only in running but general fitness as well. HyperSports aims to promote and encourage everyone to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle thru fitness and sports. This coming July 8 will be Hypersports first event which will be the Get Fit Run at the Quirino Grand Stadium in Manila.

Hypersports has close ties with people in athletics and track. So expect that this PATAFA sanctioned race be participated by the country’s best budding athletes.

Venue: Quirino Grandstand, Manila

Date: July 8, 2012

The race distance categories are 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km race with the following registration fees:

3k Php500*
5k Php600*
10k Php700*
21k Php800*

– Inclusive of singlet, race bib, reusable timing chip
– Medal for 21K finisher

*Includes a reusable IPICO Timing Chip which will be given to participants. This timing chip can be used for other races organized by HyperSports and upon presenting will be eligible for a Php80 discount.

There will be onsite registration but do register NOW as they are extending registration on the following sites only until July 6, 2012 (8PM):
ROX – The Fort
Robinson’s Place Ermita – Royal Sporting House
Glorietta – Royal Sporting House
Trinoma – Reebok

Race schedule is as follows:


Race Assembly                                Gun Start:
3k               5:30AM                              6:00AM
5k               5:15AM                               5:45AM
10k             5:00AM                              5:30AM
21k              4:15AM                               4:45AM

The route map is as follows:

Check out the HyperSports Medal  and Finishers Shirt for 21KM Finishers

If ever you were one of the lucky few who was part of the first 500 to register you will most likely be having this..

A PERSONALIZED RACE BIB! that is surely one for keeps

For participants even better news, you’ll get a chance to win this great prize from Wireless link, 20 Avetech Push Video IP cameras to be raffled off:

Check out my other friends who are going:


See you there! Oh see you there? well im hosting and one of the best thing an organizer has ever done to me is make a poster of me
hahahaha… sorry for the vanity.. it is the devil’s favorite sin.

Best poster EVER! Thanks to Letsky Photography for the great photo. Photo was taken from another race.