Race Friendly 4th Time Around for QCIM Quezon City International Marathon Dec 2, 2012

“Have a great race to all the runners!” at the starting line sending off the 42km runners

Its going to be the 4th  (QCIM) Quezon City International Marathon on Dec 2,2012.  This year ( and I can personally vouch for this ) the race is going to be much more race friendly. By  “race friendly” I mean better and more professional marshaling, better hydration and better logisitcs organization for a smooth race from registration, race day till results publishing.

QCIM is still brought to us by RUNNEX Running Executives. They are a running group composed of,  should I say “seasoned” runners (friend and blogger Jazzrunner is one of them) thats been around for more than 2 decades. This year however, its going to be organized by WithoutLimits and PROACTIVE.. both race organizing companies have proven outstanding track record in their races as regard to organization, logistics, hydration, timing and promotion. If you have “brand loyalty”  or choosy with brands.. believe me theyre a good brand.. and youre in good hands.

Expect the hosting to be.. well topnotch still.. naks! .. yes .. IIll be hosting. This is to recap of last year’s QCIM where I got to be with some of my running friends.

Prepping the 42km runners at the starting line

A good number of participants in all race categories

Is that cheu? kim cheu? kim cheu and the rest of the celebrities got to run the race as well

Wondering which celebrities will be gracing the race this year? Im not sure but im looking forward to seeing the following running celebrities that I got to be with in last year’s QCIM

OK OK Founder JSIN Starks!

Ana Arlene ..always ready to run with and support her hubby!

Mark Diaz in the earlier months of his fitness journey.. now he just did a 25km! Great going mark!

One of Kain Todo Takbo main man and Sun Cellular running team member and ultrarunner Ian Dagulrunner

Good buddy of mine.. SpongeBob runner Merl spreading the fun along the run route

For the race details:…

The 4th Quezon City International Marathon fires off on Dec. 2 with the race route covering a major portion of Commonwealth Avenue and La Mesa Eco-Park.
The Executive Runners Club of the Philippines, the country’s oldest executive running club, has managed the race since 2009 for the Quezon City Local Government, under Mayor Herbert Bautista in coordination with the Office of Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

Great support from Hon Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, with us is Kim Cheu

Runnex expects to attract more than 10,000 runners in the 2012 QCIM, which has SM Development Corporation as co-presentor for the second year. Attractive cash prizes and giveaways are up for grabs in the 5-, 10-,21- and 42-K runs.
A free running clinic is also held every Sunday at the University of the Philippines Academic Oval in Diliman, Quezon City to help prepare runners for the basic and longer distances.
4th Quezon City International Marathon “QCIM” 2012
December 2, 2012
Commonwealth Avenue and La Mesa Eco-Park
Registration Fees:
5k – P400
10k – P500
21k – P600
42k – P800
5k – $18 or P750
10k – $24 or P1,000
21k – $48 or P2,000
42k – $72 or P3,000

Just a word of advice.. If youre one of the local elite athletes and youre going for the BIG WIN.. be sure to register in the INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY where the stakes are higher


1.       The 42km gunstart is moved to 3am instead of 4am

2.       Time limit for 42km is increased to 7 hours instead of 6 hours.
– Singlet sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Availability of sizes is first come, first serve and while supplies last.

QCIM 2012 Singlet design

– Race kit includes: Race singlet , Race Bib with B-TAG chip (Chrono Track timing system), Safety Pins
– Finishers Medals will be given to 21km & 42km finishers.

Thats a Big Medal.. Medals also for 21km!

– Finishers’ loot bag for all participants will be available.
Quezon City residents, students, employees of companies and organizations based in Quezon City may avail of a P50.00 discount by presenting any valid ID (school ID, SSS, Company ID with QC address, Postal ID, Driver’s License) upon registration.
Registration Venues: (October 15, 2012 – November 26, 2012)
– Chris Sports SM North Annex
– Chris Sports SM Megamall
– Chris Sports SM Fairview
– Chris Sports SM MOA
– Chris Sports SM Manila
– Fitness & Athletics BGC, 9th Avenue corner 28th Street
– All Terra Cyclery Club 650, Eastwood Libis
– All Terra Cyclery MC Home Depot, Julia Vargas, Ortigas
– Runnex Office, UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman
– SM MOA – Field Residences Showroom
– SM Megamall – Blue Residences Showroom
– SM North EDSA – Grass Residences Showroom

Race routes are as follows

42km route part 1

42 km route part 2

42km route part3

42km route part 4

42km route part 5

the 10km race route

10k Route

Looking forward to see you this 4th QCIM and I think its going to be great the 4th time around!

Seriously teh? nakakatawa ba pag PLANK ko.. Good luck sa side bends mo

lovely laughing pig in blue credits to luca bruno (via flickr)

Seriously? in this day and age.. may mga tao pa talaga pinagtatawanan ang mga matataba na nagwoworkout? hindi po ako kinakatay.. plank po ang tawag sa ginagawa namin. Good luck dyan sa traditional sit-up at sidebends mo, ikaw kaya mag plank?

There goes my facebook status rant which believe me was so relieving. I couldnt wait to rant when I got home.

The story goes. So I decided to get serious with  training and our team coach Cris Dela Cruz whom we (or was it a self proclaimed title.. I forget but its fitting) call Supremo gave me this intense workout. Its a lazy night at MSP Marikina Sports Center.  I swear we were literally the only ones there.. its as if we rented the place. Youd get that feeling of liberty when you feel like you have the place to yourself. I saw a runner friend there as well MSP runners’ Robin Andres who was training for singapore marathon. Chit chat here and there… after a few minutes of waiting.. I guess it was just us.

So it was just me and Coach Cris. woohoo ! Private workout. The bad thing on a one on one, is that there is no room to slack. So he really pushed me during the workout. So althroughout he was really pushing me .. to my limits and good enough I was able to run my fastest 2km at 8minutes. We ran around 3km to 4km but the first 2km was just most memorable.. the last few felt like I wanted to puke, and die right there on the tartan track. Ill blog the training at another time. I wanna rant even more on this blog.

We finish the running workout and proceed to the strengthening and core session. We do a number of leg strengthening then CORE exercises.. the dreaded PLANK.

It was raining. There were just few of us. It was a public sports park… but I couldnt care less if people stare, watch or whatever. Usually kanya kanyang workout and wapakel rules. Walang basagan ng trip. So I was in a plank position face down, sweating like anything. My first 30 seconds was crazy. My body was literally shaking in a linda blair exorcist kinda way. The my co fluffy and fatty friends out there who is mid heavy and does PLANKS you know the feeling. Its not a pleasant experience at all.

So goes the usual spoiled Boy Ramos who is a hedonist, pain is not part of my vocabulary unless it involves whips, nipple pinching and sensual nibbling. Discomfort is something my body and soul do not welcome. Its a life lesson I still yet to learn. On my second PLANK set I lost it and wanted to give up, coach Cris was shouting at me (mind you all the time he was doing the workout too YAY coach) …FOCUS FOCUS…

In my mind.. I was shouting.. punyetang focus na yan, then again I would find some sort of inspiration to take me beyond zone. So I began shouting. And as most of you can attest I CAN SHOUT.  I remember hosting a Milo Marathon with horendous rain and there was no power I had to shout to make my voice heard at the starting line. Needless to say I would shout out bursts of UHH!! ARGGH!  it helps, gets attention, but it helps.

After the set.. I swear the girl near us was laughing at me. It was no paranoia. I wanted it to be. But the “stare”, the way her body was facing at me. . her smirk. Its still very vivid. I could not believe that at this day and age of public fitness awareness, people still laugh at other people…teka teka…. mas maganda dating pag tagalog..

Sa panahon ngayon may mga taong pinagtatawanan pa ang mga matataba na nag eexercise. Im not sure if she has done a plank or if she knows what it is. Di ako nagmamarunong o nagyayabang.. but she and her “friend” were doing really traditional situp and bending exercises. Seriously TEH ,, ikaw pa may gana mamintas. Good luck sa side bends mo.

Ikaw na teh.

Then it got me thinking. There should be some etiquette in working out. Golden rule ko lang naman, though shall wapakels and walang basagan ng trip. Dont do others what you dont want others to do unto you. Its taught in pre-school, it should be practiced even if youre an adult.

Its late. Im tired. I wanna get this negativity out. But that laughing bitch is surely going to haunt my future workouts. Next time I go for that extra serving of rice, sisig, bacon, wait..the list is long..you get it. .. I am so gonna think of that pick-a-fold-and-fuck-it bitch (buti sana kung fit and payat, pucha bilbilin din) and push myself further.

Cearly di pa ako naka move on. Lucky you if get to read this blog. Not sure if im deleting it. I usually dont swear Dafuuq!

Supremo Workout (Halimaw Hunyango Workout w/ Coach Cris)

They say nothing beats training motivation than preparing for a race. I usually do runs and petiks solo workouts but training with a team , moreso with a coach is something else. The good thing with continuously running is that your base fitness is relatively good and any race that comes up short in your race calendar is achievable.

With less than a month for an upcoming hilly 21km race course (CIHM Corregidor Intl Half Marathon) Im just praying I make it 3:15 just in time to get back to the boat back to manila.

Starting to blog my workouts as well so do bear with me if have short random posts.

I would get to run in Marikina sports center every so often. Aside from being near it, it has a 400 tartan track oval which is just great for the knees, speed and form work. It was last year that I saw a group of runners working out, doing running drills. One of them Mel Mitra whom I met in the Web on The Run Kamote Runners interview was there and introduced me to the rest of Hunyango Runners, Toni, Jinky, Dennis , Bave and coach Cris. I was invited to work out with them and eventually passed after a few sessions as a certified Hunyango (my Hunyango journey deserves a separate blog).

Coach Cris “Supremo” in one of his many Ultra Marathons.

Coach Cris is an Ultra Marathoner, Coach and Team leader of Hunyango and AdiNation of Runners Ortigas, member of Team CB and Kain Tulog Takbo

Coach Cris with Wife, Blogger, Podium runner and Diadora brand Ambassador Bave De la Cruz


He is a good friend and one of the coaches that helped me survive my 2012  TBRD marathon

Last night’s workout was not much fun coz I terribly missed my Hunyango girls, toni, mel, nay bave , jinky and lara.

Proved to be an efficient one with nestor, his wife and colleague

Im gonna post what I remember so this serves as my review as well. Here is what he let us do

Warm up exercises

– Neck Rotations

– arm swing huggers

– Shoulder blade rotation, large movements

– Arm rotations, large movements

– Hip Rotations

– Knee Rotations

-lunge jackhammer (stretched arm swing, opposite leg lunge).. this is difficult there ought to be pictures. Will do on succeeding blogs

-knee hug, drop to lunge, reaching out to ankle/ toes  for hamstring stretch all in one sequence of movement

Running Drills

-forefoot run

-heel run – he says its good to condition as well to be accustomed to downhills

– high knee

– butt kick, reviewed the proper way of runners butt kick, not the cheerleader kind which I have a habit of doing Yay team!

-skip runs

Ladder Drills

– multiple ladder drills

-upper body , plank side crab movement along ladder


Running form

my fave! Coach ran with me and did form correction tweaking and improvement. I was looking for my optimum pace and form where I would have a seemingly circular motion on my leg limbs for an efficient run

Great golden tips from coach cris!..

1) Since im still overweight I was advised to do frequent short strides. Ive always been a fan of short strides so it worked for me.

2)Mind your lean, a forward lean of an inch makes a world of difference . Leans are used to increase spead. Mind your armswing as well.

3) High knees, I was very happy with the results of increasing knee height when speeding up. Before I would just lean and do higher butt kicks, but with a high knee it all comes (no pun intended) full circle. My running form improved greatly and I was running , what I felt was efficient. Though there is some effort to elevate the knee the result of ease in run stroke turnover is great and effective

4) Power walk. Insulting I know, I was running and Coach cris was walking. Panira ka talaga coach. Have to learn more of this power walk which ultra runners use. I try to power walk but after around 30 seconds im back to chillax petiks walk

After Running Form session we were up with walang kamatayan Plank Sessions

Hate this. But as Kb Runner said.. its the core that’s going to take you to your last 5Km of your marathon or ultra

So up for some 1 minute Planks and side planks

Here is a photo of a planking session with coach cris.. we ought to take more pics next time, thanks to Toni and Bave for these old pic

Me with Coach Cris at MSP, side planking


After planks. I was expecting to do squats but I guess coach forgot hehehehe

We did however, do Wall stills. Hate that as well

Up for cool down exercises.

Thanks so much for a great workout Coach Cris!




CIHM Corregidor International Half Marathon Dec 1, 2012

This is one of the exciting ANNUAL races I look forward to. Ive been wanting to join this race

but I was always reluctant to join due to the cut-off. Then I learned after cohosting with Coach

Edward Kho in a hypersports event .. that there is NO FINISHLINE cut-off, but a qualifying time.

But this doesnt give one to have the liberty to totally get lost in the scenic route picture taking and



What makes this race exciting? Its going to be in the historic island of CORREGIDOR! If you havent

been here, this is truly a must go destination and a must race event!

Imagine running in scenic corregidor.

Oh!!! the HILLS!!!! known to be one of the toughest race route.. its one of the races even Coach Rio

was challenged to in which he was a podiumed.  This is the 3rd year and  I was just turning green with

envy as I saw the photos of the participants in the last years.


Cost concerns wise.. please mind that you will ride a ferry / boat cruise courtesy of SUN CRUISE

going to Corregidor so pretty much its all about paying for the EXPERIENCE !

If  youre into goodies, it couldnt get any better then this.


Ill be racing there. My goal Im just praying I GET BACK TO THE FERRY GOING BACK TO MANILA

THE SAME DAY!!!! I have to remember that the race route is 21k and varying in hilly grades.

Race details are as follows:

CIHM  boasts  of  itself  as  one  of  the  toughest  foot  races  in  the  country  where  participants

experience to run on all types of terrain – paved ascents and downlopes, grass, forest trail, rocky

cliffside, and the lung-busting 60° hill climb spanning over 600meters. It will run from the north

side of the island at the Lorcha Dock, the historic landmark where McArthur broke the lines of

the then advancing Japanese offense to finish at the panoramic South pontoon. Key highlights of

the 10K course, meanwhile, include the spectacular topside featuring the picturesque historical

Battery vestiges, a jaunt through the Eternal Flame monument and Spanish Lighthouse, past the

Mile Long Barracks



One of the distinctive features of the race is that it is a very tough foot race in terms of the course

and technical rules. There will be a qualifying time (Men – 3h30m; Women – 3h45m) for this

year’s edition of the CIHM. There will be no finish time cut-off for the race, however. All runners

who have successfully managed to finish the entire 21km distance will be awarded with the

Corregidor International Half-Marathon Medallion and Finisher’s Certificate upon crossing the

finish line.


Aside from the centerpiece 21km event, there will be a 10km race for running aficionados who

are yet to be familiar with the challenging terrain of Corregidor but yearn to discover and

experience its distinctive scenic course. All finishers in this race category will be awarded with a

10km Achiever Medal. This course is exceptionally fast

and stunningly beautiful.


• 8:00 AM Half-Marathon Gunstart

• 8:15 AM 10K Challenge Gunstart

• 11:30 AM Award Ceremony

• 12:00 NN Lunch Buffet

• 12:30 PM Class PhotoOp

• 7:30 PM Victory Party


Race Registration Fee:

  • ·        P2,700.00 (plus 4% service charge)


*The 3rd CIHM Race Registration Tickets can be availed at SM Tickets outlets at all SM Cinemas nationwide. For non-competing companions of race participants, they may avail of the regular Sun Cruises tour package also at SM Tickets.



Race Registration inclusions:

  • Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
  • Full lunch buffet on race day
  • Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
  • 3rd CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
  • 3rd CIHM Race sling bag
  • 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
  • Runners’ Briefing (Nov 24 and 25)
  • 3rd CIHM Victory Rave Party (Dec 01, Saturday night)
  • 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Certificate
  • P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher

*For race participants wishing to attend the Carbo-loading Dinner (Nov 30), they may avail of the Carbo Dinner ticket at P250.00 on Nov 24 & 25 during the Runners’ Briefing.



Registration, Ferry and Room Reservations Procedures:

1) 24 hours after purchasing the 3rd CIHM registration ticket from SM 

Tickets, log on to www.corregidor21.runningmate.ph to complete registration for the race.


2) Immediately after making the online registration, contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 5275555 loc 4511, 0917-5459917, 0917-7948271, 0922-8475418 to book for ferry trip schedules.

Indicate the desired trip schedule:

    From Manila to Corregidor

a) Overnight – departure on Nov 30 @ 11:00am

b) Day trip – departure on Dec 01 @ 5:00am

Return from Corregidor to Manila

a) departure on Dec 01 @ 3:30pm

b) departure on Dec 02 @ 2:30pm




*For steps 1 and 2, remember to keep the 3rd CIHM race ticket on hand. You will be asked of the SM Ticket ID Number to validate your transaction. It is indicated on the ticket preceded with a “#” sign.



3) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only 

    registered participants will be given reservations; 1 room per participant 

    only). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the 

    payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.



4) On Nov 24 & 25 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at  

    R.O.X., attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the 

    Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. 

    Ensure to bring the 3rd CIHM SM Tickets. Anyone may pick up   

    your kit at R.O.X. during the R.O.X Runners’ Briefing from 3pm to 

    8pm. They may be asked for identification and your signed   

    authorization note.