Supremo Workout (Halimaw Hunyango Workout w/ Coach Cris)

They say nothing beats training motivation than preparing for a race. I usually do runs and petiks solo workouts but training with a team , moreso with a coach is something else. The good thing with continuously running is that your base fitness is relatively good and any race that comes up short in your race calendar is achievable.

With less than a month for an upcoming hilly 21km race course (CIHM Corregidor Intl Half Marathon) Im just praying I make it 3:15 just in time to get back to the boat back to manila.

Starting to blog my workouts as well so do bear with me if have short random posts.

I would get to run in Marikina sports center every so often. Aside from being near it, it has a 400 tartan track oval which is just great for the knees, speed and form work. It was last year that I saw a group of runners working out, doing running drills. One of them Mel Mitra whom I met in the Web on The Run Kamote Runners interview was there and introduced me to the rest of Hunyango Runners, Toni, Jinky, Dennis , Bave and coach Cris. I was invited to work out with them and eventually passed after a few sessions as a certified Hunyango (my Hunyango journey deserves a separate blog).

Coach Cris “Supremo” in one of his many Ultra Marathons.

Coach Cris is an Ultra Marathoner, Coach and Team leader of Hunyango and AdiNation of Runners Ortigas, member of Team CB and Kain Tulog Takbo

Coach Cris with Wife, Blogger, Podium runner and Diadora brand Ambassador Bave De la Cruz


He is a good friend and one of the coaches that helped me survive my 2012  TBRD marathon

Last night’s workout was not much fun coz I terribly missed my Hunyango girls, toni, mel, nay bave , jinky and lara.

Proved to be an efficient one with nestor, his wife and colleague

Im gonna post what I remember so this serves as my review as well. Here is what he let us do

Warm up exercises

– Neck Rotations

– arm swing huggers

– Shoulder blade rotation, large movements

– Arm rotations, large movements

– Hip Rotations

– Knee Rotations

-lunge jackhammer (stretched arm swing, opposite leg lunge).. this is difficult there ought to be pictures. Will do on succeeding blogs

-knee hug, drop to lunge, reaching out to ankle/ toes  for hamstring stretch all in one sequence of movement

Running Drills

-forefoot run

-heel run – he says its good to condition as well to be accustomed to downhills

– high knee

– butt kick, reviewed the proper way of runners butt kick, not the cheerleader kind which I have a habit of doing Yay team!

-skip runs

Ladder Drills

– multiple ladder drills

-upper body , plank side crab movement along ladder


Running form

my fave! Coach ran with me and did form correction tweaking and improvement. I was looking for my optimum pace and form where I would have a seemingly circular motion on my leg limbs for an efficient run

Great golden tips from coach cris!..

1) Since im still overweight I was advised to do frequent short strides. Ive always been a fan of short strides so it worked for me.

2)Mind your lean, a forward lean of an inch makes a world of difference . Leans are used to increase spead. Mind your armswing as well.

3) High knees, I was very happy with the results of increasing knee height when speeding up. Before I would just lean and do higher butt kicks, but with a high knee it all comes (no pun intended) full circle. My running form improved greatly and I was running , what I felt was efficient. Though there is some effort to elevate the knee the result of ease in run stroke turnover is great and effective

4) Power walk. Insulting I know, I was running and Coach cris was walking. Panira ka talaga coach. Have to learn more of this power walk which ultra runners use. I try to power walk but after around 30 seconds im back to chillax petiks walk

After Running Form session we were up with walang kamatayan Plank Sessions

Hate this. But as Kb Runner said.. its the core that’s going to take you to your last 5Km of your marathon or ultra

So up for some 1 minute Planks and side planks

Here is a photo of a planking session with coach cris.. we ought to take more pics next time, thanks to Toni and Bave for these old pic

Me with Coach Cris at MSP, side planking


After planks. I was expecting to do squats but I guess coach forgot hehehehe

We did however, do Wall stills. Hate that as well

Up for cool down exercises.

Thanks so much for a great workout Coach Cris!