7 hours cut-off

7 hours cut-off

In the first place, I know you didnt join the marathon just for kicks. I know that you already have an above average running performance, if not you have the passion and mental toughness to finish a 42km. I know that in the passed few months you have started to train your body into a machine.
I forgot which coach taught me this but failure in race performance is not due to lack of strength and conditioning, but of errors in race execution. I had the privilege of being in a talk by Kuya Kim Atienza in the Enervon Active Runner’s Summit, he talked about focus, and vision. The mind is so powerful and we just fail to tap it, What ever the mind can concieve, the body will believe and fruition will be accomplished.

Failure in race execution can be brought about by being distracted and losing focus on your race plan (yes you should have some sort of race plan specially for longer distances unless you are so used to the long distance that you can easily “wing it”) can lead you to DOUBT YOURSELF.

As much as we run in different paces,  we all know that the LSD teaches muscle memories, that each muscle fiber, muscle group get to move in unison as one. Same for the mind, you have to make an effort TRAIN your MIND and FOCUS In the weeks and days leading to the race join me in the following affirmations which should be part of your morning rituals.

Do this when you wake up, study shows that there are theta levels and frequencies in our brainwaves that we are most attune with our mind body and spirit in the morning right after waking up and able to compose our selves ready to face the day, when our heart rate (resting heart rate) is at its freshest. Look in front of the mirror (better if its a whole body mirror ) so you can visualize more. I have learned these techniques from motivational speaker John Calub as well, Recite the following affirmations:

“I have trained for this.”

“I am strong.”

“I am speed.”

“I am power!”

“I will finish strong!”

The affirmations above are my suggestions but ofcourse you can use more intense and personalize affirmations closest to your heart, mind body and spirit.


Have a race plan. By this time you should know your different speeds measured in units of MINUTES per KM. Most running watches have this so at any point you know what speed to maintain. Some look after rhythm cues such as metronomes or music with their ideal stride turnover rates. Know the various paces you can maintain at Minutes per KM and heart rate levels.

To aid you in your race plan to try to compute your ESTIMATED FINISH and compute for  race splits visit  or

The interface of cool running looks something like the screen cap below.

Either you calculate your ESTIMATED FINISH TIME based on historical run performances or DECIDE on what your finish time will be. For illustration purposes lets say that its your first marathon, and you do a run-walk, your fastest run is 8:30 pace and walking pace is 10:30. You feel like you want to determine your time pace and split times based on the cut-off of 7 hours so you input 7hours.. DONT!!! again YOU ARE WAY STRONGER, FITTER, and FASTER than YOU THINK. Go for a faster time and that faster time is your conservative time. Say.. 6:30 min/km pace


PLAN NUTRITION and actual NUTRITION intake (water, gel, sports drink, light food bars) on KM intervals or time intervals

Days and nights leading to the race, aside from affirmations. Have the pleasure of daydreaming but in this case, this becomes your mental training. VISUALIZE your race. IMAGINE yourself in the race, prepping for the race, going to the race, meeting friends, imagine yourself in the starting line. Have only positive thoughts. Be as detailed as you can in visualizing, your singlet, your shoes, how you look like. Imagine you are feeling that your ARE IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.  Imagine the actual gun start, imagine first person point of view, your run, Imagine you are feeling your stride. Imagine WAYPOINTS in the race and in every way point you ARE STRONG, imagine at specific waypoints that you take in your nutrition as planned.Imagine yourself having lactic build up at certain waypoint but you imagine yourself being STRONG and able to overcome it. Imagine yourself at certain way points running with strong strides in perfect form, Imagine yourself running your strongest as you reach the finish line.And this is the best visualizing technique I learned from Kuya Kim.. IMAGINE THE ACTUAL FINISH TIME AS IT WOULD LOOK IN THE FINISHLINE CLOCK by the finishline ARC.

That is why you have to program your self and aim for faster, Aim for higher goals and your mind, body and spirit will REACH that high goal. if you aim for the least and poor goals that is what your body will strive for.

So the next time you see the 7 HOUR CUT OFF POSTER, recite the affirmations

“I have trained for this.”

“I am strong.”

“I am speed.”

“I am power!”

“I will finish strong!”


images (3)This is your running host, boy ramos and Ill see you at the finishline!

Race Friendly 4th Time Around for QCIM Quezon City International Marathon Dec 2, 2012

“Have a great race to all the runners!” at the starting line sending off the 42km runners

Its going to be the 4th  (QCIM) Quezon City International Marathon on Dec 2,2012.  This year ( and I can personally vouch for this ) the race is going to be much more race friendly. By  “race friendly” I mean better and more professional marshaling, better hydration and better logisitcs organization for a smooth race from registration, race day till results publishing.

QCIM is still brought to us by RUNNEX Running Executives. They are a running group composed of,  should I say “seasoned” runners (friend and blogger Jazzrunner is one of them) thats been around for more than 2 decades. This year however, its going to be organized by WithoutLimits and PROACTIVE.. both race organizing companies have proven outstanding track record in their races as regard to organization, logistics, hydration, timing and promotion. If you have “brand loyalty”  or choosy with brands.. believe me theyre a good brand.. and youre in good hands.

Expect the hosting to be.. well topnotch still.. naks! .. yes .. IIll be hosting. This is to recap of last year’s QCIM where I got to be with some of my running friends.

Prepping the 42km runners at the starting line

A good number of participants in all race categories

Is that cheu? kim cheu? kim cheu and the rest of the celebrities got to run the race as well

Wondering which celebrities will be gracing the race this year? Im not sure but im looking forward to seeing the following running celebrities that I got to be with in last year’s QCIM

OK OK Founder JSIN Starks!

Ana Arlene ..always ready to run with and support her hubby!

Mark Diaz in the earlier months of his fitness journey.. now he just did a 25km! Great going mark!

One of Kain Todo Takbo main man and Sun Cellular running team member and ultrarunner Ian Dagulrunner

Good buddy of mine.. SpongeBob runner Merl spreading the fun along the run route

For the race details:…

The 4th Quezon City International Marathon fires off on Dec. 2 with the race route covering a major portion of Commonwealth Avenue and La Mesa Eco-Park.
The Executive Runners Club of the Philippines, the country’s oldest executive running club, has managed the race since 2009 for the Quezon City Local Government, under Mayor Herbert Bautista in coordination with the Office of Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

Great support from Hon Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, with us is Kim Cheu

Runnex expects to attract more than 10,000 runners in the 2012 QCIM, which has SM Development Corporation as co-presentor for the second year. Attractive cash prizes and giveaways are up for grabs in the 5-, 10-,21- and 42-K runs.
A free running clinic is also held every Sunday at the University of the Philippines Academic Oval in Diliman, Quezon City to help prepare runners for the basic and longer distances.
4th Quezon City International Marathon “QCIM” 2012
December 2, 2012
Commonwealth Avenue and La Mesa Eco-Park
Registration Fees:
5k – P400
10k – P500
21k – P600
42k – P800
5k – $18 or P750
10k – $24 or P1,000
21k – $48 or P2,000
42k – $72 or P3,000

Just a word of advice.. If youre one of the local elite athletes and youre going for the BIG WIN.. be sure to register in the INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY where the stakes are higher


1.       The 42km gunstart is moved to 3am instead of 4am

2.       Time limit for 42km is increased to 7 hours instead of 6 hours.
– Singlet sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Availability of sizes is first come, first serve and while supplies last.

QCIM 2012 Singlet design

– Race kit includes: Race singlet , Race Bib with B-TAG chip (Chrono Track timing system), Safety Pins
– Finishers Medals will be given to 21km & 42km finishers.

Thats a Big Medal.. Medals also for 21km!

– Finishers’ loot bag for all participants will be available.
Quezon City residents, students, employees of companies and organizations based in Quezon City may avail of a P50.00 discount by presenting any valid ID (school ID, SSS, Company ID with QC address, Postal ID, Driver’s License) upon registration.
Registration Venues: (October 15, 2012 – November 26, 2012)
– Chris Sports SM North Annex
– Chris Sports SM Megamall
– Chris Sports SM Fairview
– Chris Sports SM MOA
– Chris Sports SM Manila
– Fitness & Athletics BGC, 9th Avenue corner 28th Street
– All Terra Cyclery Club 650, Eastwood Libis
– All Terra Cyclery MC Home Depot, Julia Vargas, Ortigas
– Runnex Office, UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman
– SM MOA – Field Residences Showroom
– SM Megamall – Blue Residences Showroom
– SM North EDSA – Grass Residences Showroom

Race routes are as follows

42km route part 1

42 km route part 2

42km route part3

42km route part 4

42km route part 5

the 10km race route

10k Route

Looking forward to see you this 4th QCIM and I think its going to be great the 4th time around!

Your Dream Starts 12:00nn 9/02/12

Your Dream Starts 12:00nn 9/02/12



Ive gone through it this year and it is truly “lifechanging”..

This is the best Marathon Race for runners running their first full marathon. Make it yours.

Your Dream Starts 12:00nn 9/02/12