Seriously teh? nakakatawa ba pag PLANK ko.. Good luck sa side bends mo

lovely laughing pig in blue credits to luca bruno (via flickr)

Seriously? in this day and age.. may mga tao pa talaga pinagtatawanan ang mga matataba na nagwoworkout? hindi po ako kinakatay.. plank po ang tawag sa ginagawa namin. Good luck dyan sa traditional sit-up at sidebends mo, ikaw kaya mag plank?

There goes my facebook status rant which believe me was so relieving. I couldnt wait to rant when I got home.

The story goes. So I decided to get serious with  training and our team coach Cris Dela Cruz whom we (or was it a self proclaimed title.. I forget but its fitting) call Supremo gave me this intense workout. Its a lazy night at MSP Marikina Sports Center.  I swear we were literally the only ones there.. its as if we rented the place. Youd get that feeling of liberty when you feel like you have the place to yourself. I saw a runner friend there as well MSP runners’ Robin Andres who was training for singapore marathon. Chit chat here and there… after a few minutes of waiting.. I guess it was just us.

So it was just me and Coach Cris. woohoo ! Private workout. The bad thing on a one on one, is that there is no room to slack. So he really pushed me during the workout. So althroughout he was really pushing me .. to my limits and good enough I was able to run my fastest 2km at 8minutes. We ran around 3km to 4km but the first 2km was just most memorable.. the last few felt like I wanted to puke, and die right there on the tartan track. Ill blog the training at another time. I wanna rant even more on this blog.

We finish the running workout and proceed to the strengthening and core session. We do a number of leg strengthening then CORE exercises.. the dreaded PLANK.

It was raining. There were just few of us. It was a public sports park… but I couldnt care less if people stare, watch or whatever. Usually kanya kanyang workout and wapakel rules. Walang basagan ng trip. So I was in a plank position face down, sweating like anything. My first 30 seconds was crazy. My body was literally shaking in a linda blair exorcist kinda way. The my co fluffy and fatty friends out there who is mid heavy and does PLANKS you know the feeling. Its not a pleasant experience at all.

So goes the usual spoiled Boy Ramos who is a hedonist, pain is not part of my vocabulary unless it involves whips, nipple pinching and sensual nibbling. Discomfort is something my body and soul do not welcome. Its a life lesson I still yet to learn. On my second PLANK set I lost it and wanted to give up, coach Cris was shouting at me (mind you all the time he was doing the workout too YAY coach) …FOCUS FOCUS…

In my mind.. I was shouting.. punyetang focus na yan, then again I would find some sort of inspiration to take me beyond zone. So I began shouting. And as most of you can attest I CAN SHOUT.  I remember hosting a Milo Marathon with horendous rain and there was no power I had to shout to make my voice heard at the starting line. Needless to say I would shout out bursts of UHH!! ARGGH!  it helps, gets attention, but it helps.

After the set.. I swear the girl near us was laughing at me. It was no paranoia. I wanted it to be. But the “stare”, the way her body was facing at me. . her smirk. Its still very vivid. I could not believe that at this day and age of public fitness awareness, people still laugh at other people…teka teka…. mas maganda dating pag tagalog..

Sa panahon ngayon may mga taong pinagtatawanan pa ang mga matataba na nag eexercise. Im not sure if she has done a plank or if she knows what it is. Di ako nagmamarunong o nagyayabang.. but she and her “friend” were doing really traditional situp and bending exercises. Seriously TEH ,, ikaw pa may gana mamintas. Good luck sa side bends mo.

Ikaw na teh.

Then it got me thinking. There should be some etiquette in working out. Golden rule ko lang naman, though shall wapakels and walang basagan ng trip. Dont do others what you dont want others to do unto you. Its taught in pre-school, it should be practiced even if youre an adult.

Its late. Im tired. I wanna get this negativity out. But that laughing bitch is surely going to haunt my future workouts. Next time I go for that extra serving of rice, sisig, bacon, wait..the list is get it. .. I am so gonna think of that pick-a-fold-and-fuck-it bitch (buti sana kung fit and payat, pucha bilbilin din) and push myself further.

Cearly di pa ako naka move on. Lucky you if get to read this blog. Not sure if im deleting it. I usually dont swear Dafuuq!