Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg1 Aug 26 Tough Trail Run

Before I even begin to describe what this race is all about.. do allow me to invite you to watch

So there.  Best thing to describe the upcoming race is like hell on heavenly grounds. This is a type of a race which cuts and bruises are like badges of medals. As one of the guys said in the video “its not what you expect in a race that when you finish, you get an isotonic banana!”.. This my friends is something you should EXPERIENCE!!!!

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1)
August 26, 2012
La Mesa Nature Reserve
This is the first Obstacle Trail Run ever organized in the country, conceptualized for Immuvit by its brand ambassador, US-educated Sports Medicine expert and Athletic Training specialist Coach Jim Saret. Inspired by the Spartan and Tough Mudder Races in the States, this event will offer the running community a totally new and fun experience. It will be organized by Without Limits, ProActive and Coach Joseph.
Race registration starts on Saturday Aug 11, 2012 at the following Chris Sports outlets:
SM Manila
Fitness and Athletics at 9th Ave. cor 28 BHS Global City
Glorietta 3
We will have two race distances, which are:
5K – 600 php reg fee
10k – 800 php reg fee
There will be 5 obstacle courses, but we will only mention two at this point (the other three will be a surprise)
1. Fire Jump
2. Military Wall
3. Surprise
4. Surprise
5. Surprise
I wonder what the surprise would be? 10 volt wires? hmmmmm exciting! Did you even see Mlitary WALL???? TEAM work please!!!
Have the whole team join in!!!
There will be executive buses to transport race participants from Shell station in front of Ayala Technohub at Philcoa (bus details to be announced soon).
Hand Gloves and whistles are mandatory race requirements. Participants without these equipment will not be allowed to join the race.
But dont worry you’ll look uber cool wearing this
The Race will start by Waves. Participants can choose their respective waves once they register; however, in the event that all slots for a certain wave are already taken, participants will be sent notifications that will indicate which wave they are entered/assigned.
 Survivor Medals and Loot Bags await finishers within their cutoff times, and Cash Prizes for the Men’s and Women’s champions.
ProActive will be providing the hydration for this event, so don’t worry about water. There will also be shower stations after the race, in case you want to tidy up if you get muddy and dirty.
That’s it for now. For inquiries email us at .

Not for the faint at heart. But if you want new challenges and thrills this is for you.