Vietnamese Pho recipe

Nothing compliments cool rainy weather better than hot soup. I just remembered my post a year back in Facebook of a recipe I did after watching Master Chef Kids Edition. If its easy enough for kids its easy enough for everyone!  I prefer my soup boiling hot. In some cases I like mine thick and rich where Hot and Sour soup just makes my day. In times Id just want it light to complement other dishes, the Vietnamese Pho is great to serve, specially for family and friends. What strikes this dish is the fresh, citrusy aroma it should have as you put up the bowl close to you.

The beauty of the Vietnamese Pho is you can put in your desired protein ingredient, hard boiled egg, tofu, chicken, kani, fishballs, shrimp, fish fillet, twice cooked roast pork slices, and spices such roasted garlic and carmelized onion shavings, chili peppers etc. to suit your taste.

You can adjust how spicy you would want it as well and keep it easy on the chilli and sriracha, but then again, whats the use in riding the roller coaster with your eyes closed.

There are two ways of doing this, one is the fast food way, by prepping the chicken stock with cubes or getting whats available at the grocery (imported sections sell chicken stock)


1kg chicken wing,

1 cup fresh corriander leaves

1 1/2 fresh cup basil leaves 2 lemons

2 cups bean sprouts

100gm rice-stick (pad Thai) clear noodles

3 tablespoon olive oil

2  knorr cubes (dissolve and mix  in 1 cup coldwater)

3 piso coin siezed slices ginger,

3 onions,

3 stems celery,

2 cups pre-boiled cabbage (baguio petchay)

ripe tomatoes,

1 tablespoon cinammon,

1 teaspon equvalent or 2pcs star anise,

2  tablespoon thai fish sauce or amount to taste,

2 tablespoon soy sauce, or amount to taste

season salt and pepper to taste

rock salt in cleaning chicken

1 clove minced garlic for toppings (cook in olive oil till BROWN, not burned, remove) ,

finely chopped chilli siling labuyo, rinsed and seeds removed

Additional ingredients

1 cup deveined sauteed shrimp
1cup semi firm tofu tokwa

1 cup kani (artificial crab)

Sriracha Chilli sauce

Hoisin sauce



1) Clean chicken wings thoroughly remove membranes, flush with running water, rinse repeat then rub slightly with rock salt, rinse

2) Heat stockpot (cookingpan of choice used to cook broth / pressure cooker) medium heat, place in olive oil, garlic, large quad cuts of onions. Place in chicken wings and sautee slightly turning them often no longer than 5 minutes

3) Put in 2 liters of purified water. Place in celery stems and star anise. Bring to a boil. After 10 mins of boiling, remove impurities floating. Continue to boil and add in cinammon, soy sauce, thai fish sauce, additional knorr cubes to taste, squeeze in 2 lemons. Mix. Trow in the half lemon peeling (this is my personal preference it gives more citrusy  flavor with a bitter twist of the lemon peel). Add 1 small siling labuyo chilli seeds removed.

4) When broth is done, you may separate the chicken wings, fillet and get chicken meat (no skin ) and set aside (throw back in the chicken bones)

5) prep broth for serving. At this point, your broth will most likely look a tad gross resembling that of  an asian soup place with hanging ducks, gross but delicious. With all those grime and impurities floating. But remember in some cultures those grime and impurities are delicacies. remove chicken bones,  siling labuyo (go find it . now na) star anise, whole lemon peel, ginger and celery stem from the broth.If you;re really maarte, and going for quality to impress you may opt to strain the broth even further with straining cloth. Arte ha.


1) Cleaning, who really wants powdered impurities. Place white pad thai noodles in cold water, agitate, drain.

2) Pour in boiling water, cover with a plate for 3 to 5 minutes. drain water when cooked


1) Dito na lalabas kaartehan mo pa. Serve the following per serving bowl

2) Pad thai noodles, beansprouts topped with kani, chicken meat, tofu, deveined sauteed shrimp,

3) Top further with minced browned garlic chips, sliced chili labuyo, lemon wedges, basil leaves, coriander, cabbage (baguio petchay) cut ripe tomatoes

Offer to season it with1 tablesppon of SRIRACHA Chilli sauce and 1 teaspon Hoisin sauce



7 thoughts on “Vietnamese Pho recipe

  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe! My friends who need protein in their diets will definitely love this 😀

    I’ll try to do this one day.

    Dems of

    • Thanks for taking the time to read ms. joy. It just looks tedious because the broth was made from scratch. The fast food way is just to boil the knorr cubes and add on the toppings and noodles. One can make the broth or chicken stock in 4 liters then freeze the rest.

    • Thanks so much. I just left corporate working world, and I get to cook for my family. Its an honor getting a complement from you chef. By the way, I think ive passed by your catering company in marikina when we run near st.scholastica. Hoping you could point me to home recipe’s with ingredients found in manila.

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