Must Have Product This Summer


We have been experiencing heat temperatures which are one of the highest in the decade. This trumps the simple hydration bottle which I thought would top the list of this summers pick.  Instead it’s the Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder.

I got to use it after hosting the UP Bagong Siglo run when my co host Carrie from VoiceWorx20 asked me to try it. Truly a wonder product,  it’s so soothing and cooling you would want to bath in it. For now its only available in Watsons, but it’s definitely a steal at P69 !

This is a must have for all runners and active outdoors people.

Did you know there’s a PH Runners Classifieds in Facebook?

Runners Classifieds

Runners Classifieds

I see some Filipino runners posting running gear for sale in different sites and facebook groups.

I created a facebook group way back and its been helpful for runners and suppliers as well in marketing their running related goods.

Check out :

Here are the rules and regulations of the group page.



1. This is for Classified Ads only. All items should be RUNNING related. No other topics please.
2. You can post For Sale, For Trade, or Wanted To Buy Ads. Please use the following codes in your post:
FS : For Sale
FT: For Trade
WTB : Wanted To Buy
3. Post the price. or PM the price to the prospective buyer.
4. Indicate where your location is. If you are willing to ship or do meet ups, please indicate as well.
5. One thread per item is enough. Multiple threads will be deleted. Please allow three weeks before reposting.
6. No price policing or price comments allowed.
7. No feelers
8. Message bumping is prohibited. This includes “PM sent” and other bumping tactics.
10. No bidding or counteroffers allowed. Please transact privately.
11. Admin may delete messages or threads that violate the rules. Repeat offenders run risk of being banned from this section.

Admin is not liable to any of the items sold or bought in this group page, transact at your own risk.