7-Eleven Tour 700 May 13, 2012 Reminders on Race day

Me and my wife Joyce are all set and getting ready for race day tomorrow May 13, 2012 o 7-Eleven Tour 700 which also happens to be Mothers Day! Its going to be our first RoadBike race together. I think its going to be more like a fun ride. Here are some reminders on Race day tomorrow , info from http://www.tour711.com/   For Race BIB and Sticker placement be aware of the following:  

Parking at the Venue is as follows and be at the race venue 45 minutes before your start time.

And sadly.. we have to observe the following cut-off times, particularly for those riding 100Km.  To be sure, you may opt to place USED RUBBER/TIRE TUBING at the rear end area of the frame to protect your bike from probable scratches should your bike be boarded on the truck and be placed tight beside other bikes.

Other tips as provided by the race organizer..

  1. Do not ride faster than your ability.
  2. Keep a safe distance between you and other riders to prevent crashes.
  3. Remember to stop for hydration. There will be a hydration station every 10km.

My personal tip…

1) Get enough rest. Arrive Early. Have a checklist before leaving manila.
2) Bring stuff you need, TOOLS, extra tubes, Vaseline, sunblock, air pump, money, charged cellphone with load, camera with memory card and battery.

3) Last minute bike check. Is everything tightened FIT TO you? For now, dont let anyone ride your bike after making your final adjustments.

4 ) For the Multisport athletes out there,.. remember NO AEROBARS. For the roadies out there, not everyone are hardcore riders, and are not even used to close peleton formations, hand signals or even basic road bike courtesy / protocol.

5) If its your first time to wear cleats. Forget about it. Stick to regular shoes.  If you bought anything new to your bike which will change the way you ride. Forget about it, stick to whats predictable.

6) Just enjoy your race and stay safe always. Keep distance.. Be courteous, if you should brake, veer to side brake slowly and look and be aware at all sides.

Have a safe race everyone! Godspeed!