ULTRASWIM for the benefit of CARA Welfare Philippines June 15 2013


On June 15, 2013 Hanna Sanchez will do the unthinkable. She will be swimming the whole day for 12 hours and target a distance of 22,500 meters. At first I thought 2.5Km ? which is doable for most …but then again I stand corrected..uh…its 22.5Km!  More than our 21km in running, she will be swimming. Thats a total of 900 laps in a 25 meter pool. What a challenge.

Hanna Sanchez is a writer, swim coach and a member of Endure Multisport. She would be totally against me posting this, being the humble person she is, but then again its free information in endure multisport site so its going to be my call to post her sports accomplishments (sorry hanna! but im sure readers wanna know =)

Sport Accomplishments –
  • 2012 RUPM
  • CDO-Dahilayan 56km Ultramarathon
  • QCIM 2009 & 2010 42k
  • Last Man Running Rogin E, 2nd place
  • 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination
  • International Swim Masters Series Philippines June 20-21, 20009
  • Yvone’s All Femal Aquathlon -1st place age grp
  • Animo Sprint Aquathlon – 2nd place age grp
  • Endure Blackberry Aquathlon 2011 1st place (Bold)
  • Ateneo Aquathlon 2011 – 2nd place age group
  • Animo Sprint Triathlon 2011-2nd place age group


  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 Cebu Relay – Swim Leg
  • 2012 Tri United 2 – Long Distance – 2nd place age grp
  • 2012 SubIT Sprint – 3rd place age grp
  • 2012 Pico de Loro Tri Invitational
  • 2012 Animo Sprint Triathlon – 2nd place
Coach Hanna Sanchez

Coach Hanna Sanchez

I was really curious how one prepares for this. Im a runner and a swimmer as well. But ofcourse ive done longer distances in running and the preparation and training for longer distances should be gradual and involves multiple muscle groups. What more in swimming? The Longest ive ever swam was 3.5km  and I was in my fitness peak. When we asked her what her training regimen was

“I just swim. Swim for as long as I can. This is my goal for the the event. To swim as far as I can with the given amount of time.”

 I was expecting more of technical training programs, but get to think of it, it do boils down to just spending time swimming and COMMITMENT. She is definitely committed to this!
As Ive shared my personal longest swim was 3.5km and one of my challenges even in training is WHAT TO THINK of while your swimming. As for me I just try to focus on my swim strokes, but im not that consistent, my mind would tend to wander off, to work , to music, to training, to my family, friends, food, anything under the sun really or on water..until I get totally lost. So when we asked her what she thinks of during her swim?

“hmm..Tricky part. I usually think of eating. haha. Kidding aside for this event, I will just think of all those animals that were not treated properly. Money is needed for what CARA does and I will not those animals down.”

When asked what made her want to do this, Hanna Replied..

“I am thinking of a way to support CARA’s endeavor but I do not think that I would last running the whole day. I want to do something that will signify my support to the organization. Since I am not reach and I cannot donate a lot of money, I thought of this event. I asked my friends to help me with organizing. CARA helped with the posters. I really want to help those animals that have been abused by people and abandoned by owners. They do not deserve to die or be on their own. They deserve another chance. They shouldn’t be maltreated. I want to do something about it with the help of CARA because they cannot protect themselves. My heart rips apart whenever I see animals that have been unintentionally hit by a car or drowned by people who do not know better. ”

This got me to look more into CARA Welfare Philippines. Upon checking their website, I found out that CARA was formed in the year 2000 by a dedicated group of animal lovers determined to help the plight of animals in the Philippines. They are a non-profit, non-government organization that receives no government funding and rely solely on private donations.

CARA Welfare Philippines Mission and Vision is as follows
Reduce pet overpopulation through our low cost spay/neuter clinic
To promote Trap/Neuter/Return
Provide veterinary consultations for low income pet owners/li>
Educate citizens, organizations & barangays about animal welfare and the rights of animals
Promote compassion for animals and responsible pet ownership
Prevent cruelty and abuse to animals
Provide caring and responsible homes for our members rescues through our adoption program


Hope you guys get to find it in your hearts to support this cause as well and pledge financial support for the benefit of CARA Welfare for the animals. Donations will go to the care of animals.

The ultra swim event will happen at YMCA Binondo on June 15, from 7am to 8pm. Interested people can either donate any fixed amount or pledge per lap (at least a peso per lap).

First they need to fill up the pledge form (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4n4dTsIu-r7WWotd1hOaDcyTlU/edit)

Second, deposit their donations on the following bank accounts of CARA:

Philippine Peso (PHP)
Account # 3191-0467-05
CARA Welfare Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Atrium Branch, Makati City

Dollar (USD)
Account # 3124-0417-66Swift # bopiphmm
CARA Welfare Philippines,Bank of the Philippine Islands,
Atrium Branch, Makati City

Last step would be to email the pledge form, along with the deposit slip to guerrerotanya@gmail.com

For questions and complete event details, they can visit CARA’s Facebook event page:

They can also visit Hanna’s Facebook page and profile at Team Endure’s website:

So again, hope you guys get to find it in your hearts to support this cause as well and pledge financial support for the benefit of CARA Welfare for the animals. Donations will go to the care of animals.


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