Pompono Fish in Clear Broth ( Tinolang Pampano )

Pompono Fish in Clear Broth (Tinolang Pampano)

Pompono Fish in Clear Broth (Tinolang Pampano)

My mom is ilongga, hailing from a small town called Murcia near Bacolod. Its only now that I get to really appreciate the simple yet savory, not to mention healthy cuisine they cook up there.

When fresh fish is available, and I mean fresh,( just caught transported brought in the wet market and not yet frozen), tinola or clear broth is the way to go. Most would shy away from this or just opt for the usual sinigang in masking or eliminated the “fishy” taste and smell of fish. It all boils down to how fresh your ingredients are, the fresher the ingredients the less you should mess with it.

One of the fish and sea food capitals in the Philippines is in Capiz and over centuries they would find ways to cook bounties from sea. Tinola is a way of cooking seafood in broth / soup that has made its way to neighboring provinces as well.  In Manila, the tagalog (taga ilog) are used to eating chicken tinola. In visayas, tinola is referred to as seafood broth.

For this dish there are no soy sauces, no fish patis sauce, not even instant broths knorr maggi etc,.

200g pampano cleaned
2 pcs tomatoes big slices

tanglad or lemon grass

onion leeks

coin size slice of ginger or size to taste

1/4 clove garlic

1 whole red onion sliced in half

1 cup Talbos ng Kamote (Sweet potato leaves)

750ml water

salt  to taste

green sinigang pepper optional

Prep everything as instructed under the ingredients and throw everything in soup pan at the same time.

Thats how my mom made it. I was contesting to have the water boiled first but nah… she insisted on throwing everything at the same time.

Done in 15 minutes. Serve hot.

Tell me how yours turned out.

To turbo spice ala Asian the dish, Add half lemon, basil, chilli peppers, SRIRACHA,


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