Quizzed at Quiznos BGC


After one of those hectic meetings I had from BGC Bonifacio Global City I don’t know why I found myself inside Quiznos again after vowing I won’t eat here again.

Its like that love hate relationship na nagtampo ka pero binanalikbalikan mo pa rin. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why? Quizzed at Quiznos but rather puzzled.  Is it the lure of good location just returning to where you parked? Is it the clean inviting interior you see from the outside of Italian or Mexican red and green hues? Could it be the sumptuous sandwich photos posted outside? Whatever it is I couldn’t figure out.

Last I ate I wanted to try what the people are lining up for and I wasnt too happy with the roast beef sandwhich vis a vis the price.

You get a bright welcome greeting from the staff which is a good start. I ordered the Italian sandwich size regular which is 8″ I think. Salami pastrami all the Italian mi ‘s are in the mix on rosemarie bread honey mustard dressing.

Too bad they don’t have jalapeno peppers. And off the sandwich goes to their toaster conveyor which is the highlight hmmm toasty.


The lady played a Jedi trick “do you like chicken noodle soup to go with that?” I must have said yes


Hmmm toasty. Bread toasted to perfection. But a tad too much bread or lack of sandwhich filling. Honey mustard dressing tasted good and something to rave about on the light sweet side. Not too happy with the price though at p185.

Not too happy with the p65 chicken noodle soup with plastic spoon. I must say the chicken chunks are rather fresh but it reminds you of a diluted Royco chicken noodle soup when you were a kid.

Hmmm toasty. Maybe I’ll be back to complain some more but deep inside I really enjoy eating there and enjoy the food even if it’s a Tad pricey for a sandwhich. Youre in BGC after all.


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