Download MP3 of RunningHost’s Finishline

If  youve already seen the video of Running Host’s Finishline and you wish to download the MP3 Audio copy of it, you
can download it here:

Hopefully you get inspired and motivated.. See the video here:

Running Hosts’s Finishline is a spoken word inspirational music as a gift to my beloved running community. May this music inspire each runner to get through the challenges they face in their race or running journey and get them to the finishline or their goals. Be it a PR, a first 3k, a marathon or an ultramarathon. I hope my running friends wont mind, just a tribute to their running I got photos from them to use in this vid.

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email if you wish to have a 320kbps mp3 audio copy of Running Hosts Finishline

Music by Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy / AudioMachine

Thanks to all my friends in the running community.

Credits to
Unilab Active Health
Pinoy Fitness
Without Limits
Run Rio
The Bull Runner
Team USB
Tong Pascua Photography
Running Photographers
CJ Photography
Villegas Photography
and all the photographers
in the running community


free  MP3

free MP3 download

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