Fitness Journey: Now and Forever

(photo credit to SnailShot photography for the photo)

My Fitness journey now and forever. With that Id like to segue to one of my favorite quotes “the past was once the future”. The elemenf of a time line in my fitness journey has been in limbo for the past couple of years. I started getting serious  in losingweight and getting fit way back in 2005.

In my eternal search for a sport that would fit and challenged me I thought getting into Triathlon would be the best way. I mean with swimming biking and running i suppose papayat na siguro ako niyan. ive done a couple of olympic standard distances.. though triathlon training made me always hungry. I would justify my binge eating with the swim bike run workouts I would do. Unfortunately even for non workout days and evev off season days i retained my”tri” diet as well.

It was just fairly recent when i got to spend some time with Coach Chinggay (andarada). Though not a fan of Fad diets She elaborated that eating sensibly is a huge part if the equation.. and by that eating quality, nutritious non processed food.

As far as diets are concerned, i didnt want to go that route as i did try it before. I tried the South Beach diet.. i did lose like 15lbs infortunately i lost around 15 friends in the process as well. The South Beach diet left me craving, moody, no, make that extremely moody and cranky.. inaway ko na talaga lahat.. buong mundo!

I did try the No rice diet and I did lose 10lbs only to gain 20lbs a couple of weeks after. Thats what deprivation does to me. Buffet restaurants become my haven.

More articles on my fitness journey to follow. Hopefully this will inspire some of you my fellow fluffies and hopefully get tips from my fit friends as well. Join me in my journey. This is going to be fun. Lets do this!


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