Race Details: UNILAB Run Bike Run




Here are some of the race details you may want to take note of:
– timing chips: please make sure its securely fastened and returned after the race.
– race numbers: race belt is provided, bib in front when running and turn race belt so as bib is at your back when biking.
– note the proper sticker placement provided for your bike and helmet
– helmets are mandatory

– ride safely. No earphones when riding. Safety first keep right.
– riding rules. Keep right. Overtake on the left.  Single file only. No drafting. Maintain 7 Meter Gap. Penalty first offense is Stop and Go (marshals will stop you and enforce time penalty). Be responsible to Count your own number of laps marshala will not note how many laps you have accomplished.

Ride safe and enjoy your race everyone.


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