Lost in Translation

e-Boredom. Its that time when youre loading, installing, or reformatting and you just feel the need to multitask.

My friend told me to get a Tweeter account. I said “what the fuck for? Ive facebook, a blog, and gmail and this google+ thingy that google is shoving down our throats”… “oh and I still have multiply and friendster”

Have you been to friendster lately? weird… game nalang siya ngayon.. and my account has been rehashed, my avatar and profile pic know closely resembles those chibbi mememons

“Okay yan tweeter, you can tweet what you feel, tapos cryptic message patama pa” my friend said

“Why should the world know how I feel?”

“Kapag may patatamain ako, “pakyou” txt ko nalang sya..

Anyway so I got into twitter. I must say Im new to this hashtags and ampersand (@) “at” signs doesnt look like glitch but actually accentuates what you say. Interesting.

You know what else is interesting.. playing with the SEARCH function… !~

After following celebrities and celebrity DJs, Musicians… which I now find boring. My DJ friends Tweets are a lot more interesting than most.

You know what else is interesting.. playing with the SEARCH function… !~ and typing the word “pek pek”

Im not sure where youre from, but in our tagalog language, its a slang translation for Vagina.  Allow me if you will to take out into context of Anatomical and clinical definitions and kindly place the green and bastos cap on…

For your entertainment read on  what’s trending on Twitter’s PekPek


And the following tweet makes the photo say a thousand words







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