American Idol 2012..” Dim the lights here.. we go..”

Photo credits in Facebook shared by Carla Abaya from Joey Henson

“Dim the we go…”

So the nation, the Philippines at least where “American” Idol put most on hold.. awaiting for the results. Those that were still ranting on the CJ trial momentarily focused on this,  my tropa friends who have recently hibernated and probably left their kids, wives, and girlfriends for Diablo3, and mommies, and yaya’s who have failed to pick up their alagas and panggas at school to watch American Idol.

From the start I, among millions of fans and most in the music industry would have to agree, that Jessica Sanchez has an amazing technical ability and truly a God given talent in singing. Being half mexican and half filipino, she could be the first singer to actually sing 2 national anthems in a Manny Pacquiao Vs __(place mexican boxer name here)__  .

Why o why? how could she lose? is it because she was homeschooled and didnt have a tad many classmates..  Or didnt she fit the bill of what at an “American” is? We’re all entitled to our own opinion.  Hold the comments haters, Im not reading yours…

While watching the AI results episode, I was totally blown away by the song number of Ms. Jennifer Holiday duet with Jessica Sanchez.. you can watch this amazing performance here.. (spoof ofcourse is the pic above..hehehe)


Oh ha… so after watching this.. nagsisisi na sila na hindi nila binoto si Jessica Sanchez
We all can agree, this sweet little girl truly has inspired so many of us and makes us Filipino proud. Regardless if she won or not, she is definitely bound for stardom.


just sharing my friend’s tweets and facebook status’ … Hindi ko na ilalagay kung kanino ng galing..  you know who you are

comment nalang kayo para angkinin yung post niyo..


Will race organizers fire me..if sa awarding ceremony..hirit ako… “and the Top placer goes to..” PHILIP PHILLIPS! ” sige na rio, ian, mike


Excited na tuloy ako sa awarding ceremony sa mga races.. and the winner is not a kenyan but a filipino #ganyanansaamericanidol


It takes 12 muscles to smile, It takes 11 muscles to frown, BUT it takes 0 muscles…. to not give a fuck… done na with #americanidol


sheesh …not sour graping..I love phillips but clearly the winner of#AmericanIdol is..drumroll..please…A “white” American

im not updated in fashion.. designer na ba si #mchammer ?#carrotpantstohell

first time lang ako nakakita ng naka baggy pants at litaw ang pwet#sexy #jlo

di ba nabigyan ng tamang pagaaruga si #joshualedet nung bata pa? medyo pampam.. sige na sa iyo na stage..sige na alis na kami..kaw nalang

korean #hairstylists must be cringing on #heejunhan ‘s haircut

im a fan of pambansang legs tweets..SOBRA


jessica is a great performer and phil is an artist. different but both relevant.


jessica please come home. ilang marching bands ba ang gusto mo?


i’m doing a dionesia pacquiao trance here with my spiritista spiritual adviser.lurd si jisica,panalanuni niyo po,lurd,para sa pilipins.


ms. holiday, you’re not on broadway ha!


and more fun tweets and FB status from friends and anonymous

..#Phillip won America’s votes #Jessica won our Hearts #AI


.. That. Was. The. Best. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Witnessed. In. My. Life. OMG!!!!!!!! #IdolFinale #jessica

…parang kakainin ng buhay ni jeniffer holliday si jessica sanchez. scary. | SHE DEVOURED jessica before the show. Iniluwa lang.

Philip Philips = Marlboro Marlboros : I just love Jessica. RT if you too!

..Ms. Jennifer Holiday, in behalf of grateful Filipinos (and Mexicans too) all over the world, we love you.


and from ms. holiday herself













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