Through a Runner’s Lens: Rodel Argo

I get to see the photo of my friends and colleagues in the running community through facebook. Most of them and runners celebrating their races and runs. I was taken aback the morning of this writing when I was moved by a certain photo by a friend, Rodel Argo. It was a photo that immediately stirred emotion and it just matched my mood today, making the rest of my day even better.

When I looked at the other photos, they were all equally stunning and later I learned about Rodel Argo’s artistry as a Photographer in his blog . Which inspired me to blog about a series amazing photos by my friends and running friends which I call Through a Runner’s Lens…

The photos here were taken in Bohol, Philippines in the event Bohol 50 Miler Ultramarathon. To photographers, some of the best photographs are those that are not planned, but rather unexpected, and dictated by the heart as to when and what to capture at that point in time. These are the photos Im raving about:

The way this photo post process played on brightness, shadow n highlights, and saturation.. gave it a serene balance. I feel as the viewer of this takes you into your own personal zen.. It tells you more than just a sceneic “paint on the wall” landscape but with an animated story behind it as well. The saturation emphasized the texture of the shallow wate, flora and skyline.

This next photo is something one could have easily grabbed from a travel book. The elements of color in this beach theme is just engaging for one to go to THAT beach pronto. Solitude, we so look forward to it.

Knowing the backstory makes photos more interesting. I know for a fact that Rodel was there in a race, im not sure if it was taken during the race or after. The time element of this photo is evident, nearing dusk and the beauty and serenity of bohol is but captured in this photo.

Im sure this blog will not do justice with the wealth of amazing photographs Rodel has taken. This is just a glimpse and I leave it up to you, the reader to check out his other photographs.

Rodel Argo is “as he would describe himself” a Professional Chemical Engineer, Amateur Photogarpher, Self Proclaimed Athlete, Trying hard Mountaineer and a Certified Lakwatsero. He’s an ultramarathoner who have done races from 3k to 160k with above average times. You can see his works in his blog at and photo portfolio at flickr,

Profile photo of Rodel Argo by Anne-Jho Abrogar Mirasol.


8 thoughts on “Through a Runner’s Lens: Rodel Argo

  1. Thanks Boy! All photos were taken the day after the race. to be honest, I feel that I could have done a better photo if only I am at my full form. Hirap umupo, hirap tumayo. 80K has really taken a lot from me. anyway, I’m glad i took a good landscape pa rin. 🙂

  2. Again salamat Boy, I got more than 10K photos in my stash, it took too many shots just to get a good one. The chosen one was post processed the best way I can that is within my knowledge and hopefully I’m not overdoing it, to be honest, I still have a lot of things to learn as far as photography is concerned; hence the title i claim as Amateur photographer. hehe!

  3. Those photos of Argo are really stunning though I don’t know how to describe most of them. But Kuya Boy you were able to describe the technicalities which somehow helped me understand how and why do these photos give that kind of live feeling as if I was there. Love the solemnity on the third photo you’ve posted.

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