Milo Apex Running School 2012 BGC and QC

I had the privilege of checking out the opening of Milo Apex Running School for 2012 last May 8 at BGC. I briefly spoke to Coach Jim Saret about the Milo Apex Running School way before and he emphasizes a scientific approach to train in running.  He doesnt just focus on getting to train and condition the runners for mileage, but he has a scientific approach that includes strengthening and flexibility exercises as well.


Milo Apex’s Tonette Dimaguila presented that day, and explained that the Milo Apex Running School has different categories and levels for the participants. They are as follows:

5k Group (for beginners / newbies)
10k Beginners (for beginning 10k runners)
21k Beginner (for beginning 21k runners)
10k Advance (for those who have been running 10K)
21k Advance (for serious 21k runners)
42k Group (for those who are ready to run the marathon)

The coaches for each group were also presented and introduced. As Ms. Tonette was introducing the coaches I couldnt help but be starstruck with the roster of coaches they have. Having been host to several running events, I get to see these elite athletes as I get to award the prizes to these podium placers:

After the introduction of the coaches, they discussed the three (3) levels in their training program, namely
Level 1 – Injury prevention

Level 2 – Strength and conditioning

Level 3 – Speed and power

After which the participants were split into groups with their respective coaches.

The schedule of the Milo Apex Running School is as follows:
May 9 to July 21 (3 months)
Tuesday and Thursday – 6pm to 8 pm and Saturday 6 am to 8 am
Quezon City Memorial Circle
May 10 – July 21 (3 months)
Monday and Wednesday – 6pm to 8pm and Saturday 6 am to 8 am

For more info you can visit:




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