Party Time at the 2012 RunRio Trilogy Awards Night

Its sometime last year that it was my first time to host a posh event for the runners. Hmmm.. this is wierd instead of seeing runners in their usual singlets and shorts, or compression leggings, they don their semi formal outfits without their running shoes, or God forbid their 5 fingers (how would that look like in a dress).

Its 6pm and not AM, this time a different excitement welcomes them. Theres definitely glamour in the air as running friends share high fives, group hugs and beso among teams.  They flash a big smile in their spiffy outfits as they pose by a photo wall like no other found in a race..

THE BELOW PHOTOS are last years… you get to have better ones if you attend!

Jonathan and Merlyn Teves by the Photo Wall. Timing never looked this good.

I even got a photo with Lead Bouncer marshal Batista. Trivia on Batista, I bet you never figured a guy this big could be a Certified Public Accountant.

Me and Batista. Batista looking like an agent from the Bourne series

So what happens? Aside from the awesome food and fun among friends, we get to Award the runners in an awarding ceremony truly like non other. Here  I am with host , triathlete and media personality Tricia Chionbian enjoying with some evening banter entertaining the guests..

The stage looking majestic is set for something grand for the evenings program. Ive no idea what the theme for this year is.. but last year it was definitely the Oscars.

There music and a lot of partying and fun! Last I remember it was OPEN BAR whoo hoo!!! Great music as well!

So check out if you qualify for the Run Rio Trilogy Awards Night 2012  which is  EXCLUSIVE to 21k/21k/32k finishers of the Trilogy Race Series (of 2011). Official invitations were  sent via courier, and it should look like this

You may check the Runrio Trilogy Awards Night 2012 page for details  at

The list of the finishers and awardees can be found in this link

Run Rio Trilogy Awards Night 2012

Februrary 20, 2012   6:00pm

(Monday, wierd.. I know but check out the Runners calendar..thats a REST DAY)

Decagon Silvercity, Fronting Tiendesitas Ortigas Center

( please try not to get lost and get into a call center office…AWKWARD!)

Hope to see you there for some awesome fun! This is your Running host. And this is another story behind the mic…


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